The first electric crossover Skoda spotted on the tests

The first electric crossover Skoda spotted on the tests


Czech innovation is at a very early stage of testing and is therefore hidden under the body of the German crossover VW Tiguan. This will be the first electric car Skoda, which is built on a modular platform MEB, developed by engineers at the VW Group. The presentation is scheduled for 2020.

I am sure that when you view the published photos you will say – it’s a German crossover Volkswagen Tiguan second generation, where is the electric SUV from Skoda. But the fact that he is – at the very early stages of developing a new model, many car manufacturers use the body of other cars, after his own body for its news they still not ready.


So, on the race track nürburgring laps of the first electric crossover of the Czech Skoda, which will be built on a modular platform MEB, which was developed by engineers of VW Group, which includes Skoda company.

It is worth noting that on the same “truck” was built and the German compact hatchback Volkswagen ID.3.

The plan management of the Czech automobile manufacturer, to the middle of the next decade, the model range of the brand will be credited for 10 electrified models, including the crossover, which is depicted in these “spy” shots. The conceptual version of the machine, which was named Vision iV, was shown earlier this year at the Geneva motor show.

At the moment, the model name is unknown, but recent rumors indicate that the novelty will receive the designation Eniaq or Enyaq. Regardless of how electric crossover will be called, the SUV will have a lot in common with the German Volkswagen V. 4 IDW, which was shown last month at the motor show in Frankfurt, Germany.


What to expect from electric crossover Skoda Eniaq/Enyaq? From the presented concept had two electric motors one for each axle, the total power was equal to 302 horsepower. Torque is routed to all four wheels. A large battery pack 83 kWh provides a cruising range of 500 km, acceleration to 100 km/h took just 5.9 seconds, but the maximum speed is 180 km/h.

What reserve would You buy electric crossover Skoda Eniaq/Enyaq?

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