The first electric sedan Cadillac will be more expensive Porsche Taycan

The first electric sedan Cadillac will be more expensive Porsche Taycan


The first electric sedan of Cadillac, which will be named Celestiq, will be the most rare and expensive model of the brand. Insiders say that General Motors will produce a few hundred cars a year at a price of $ 200,000 each, that is more of the “Taikang” the price of which in Ukraine will start from 105 $ 900.

It is known that Cadillac Celestiq build new electric platform GM and will be equipped with a battery system Ultium, developed in conjunction with LG Chem. Battery packs (pouch-bag) inside such a block is placed vertically or horizontally; capacity Ultium varies from 50 to 200 kilowatt-hours. Batteries for electric models of higher price segment will work under the voltage of 800 volts and to maintain the charging capacity of up to 350 kW.

The production of sedan Celestiq will establish the GM plant in Michigan. The machine will be assembled manually on a few hundred copies a year. Running the model on the American market will take place in mid-2022. The technical details of the model are unknown, however, the electric platform can be assumed that Celestiq without recharging will travel up to 644 miles.


Meanwhile, GM is preparing to debut electrocreaser Cadillac Lyriq that looks similar to the Range Rover Velar. Then, the presentation of a pickup truck GMC Chevrolet Hummer EV and EV. At the 2022 planned launch of Bolt EUV, which will be introduced first highway autopilot for Super Cruise from Cadillac. And by 2023 the system will be another 23 new models.

What is the electric sedan would you choose: Cadillac Celestiq or Porsche Taycan?

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