The first electric sedan Xiaomi M1

The first electric sedan Xiaomi M1


The first renderings of the new Xiaomi M1 electric sedan have appeared on the official Xiaomi community forum.

The renders show the Xiaomi M1 as a stylish youth sedan with sliding door handles, large wheels and cameras instead of mirrors.

There are no details about the electric car yet. According to the designer, Xiaomi M1 will receive an autopilot, voice assistant and a large holographic screen in the cabin. It is assumed that the MIUI For Car operating system will be responsible for all the electronics in the car, and one battery charge will last for about 1,000 km.

For the development and production of electric cars, Xiaomi has registered a separate company – Xiaomi EV. The registered capital of the company is 10 billion yuan, and the staff includes 300 people, including the founder and CEO of Xiaomi, Lei Jun.

Recall that earlier Xiaomi announced the creation of a special structure that will develop an unmanned vehicle control system.

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