The first erobike was twice as expensive as rolls-royce Cullinan

The first erobike was twice as expensive as rolls-royce Cullinan


Japanese startup A.L.I. Technologies Inc., which develops and manufactures drones, announced the start of sales of the world’s first mass-produced aerobike: it costs at least 77.7 million yen, or 680 thousand dollars. The novelty was named XTurismo Limited Edition, and deliveries to customers are scheduled for early next year, reports Reuters.

Aerobike is a device with six propellers, which in landing resembles a motorcycle. Two large propellers are installed under the hull, and four smaller ones are located on the sides, which allows vertical takeoff. With the help of them, he hovers in the air at a height of several meters. It also has landing runners.

The company also distributed a video demonstrating aerobike tests – they demonstrated vertical take-off, hovering several meters above the ground and flight with a turn.

The test sample that took part in the demo is black with red accents. It is driven by a hybrid power plant, which includes an internal combustion engine and four electric motors. The installation allows the aerobike to reach speeds in the air up to 100 kilometers per hour. The flight time on one battery charge is 30-40 minutes of flight.

While the question of its legal use in Japan remains open. However, the developer plans to discuss with the authorities in Yamanashi Prefecture the use of the device in emergency situations.

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