The first hydrogen car in history was Corolla?

The first hydrogen car in history was Corolla?


Toyota Motor presented the first hydrogen-powered racing car based on the Corolla Sport. The car will take part in the Super Taikyu Series 2021 24-hour endurance race from May 21 to 23 at Fuji Speedway.

When people say “hydrogen car”, they usually mean a fuel cell engine, in which hydrogen is converted by an electrochemical reaction into electricity, which powers the traction motors. However, this car is equipped with an internal combustion engine (volume – 1.6 liters), but adapted to run on compressed gaseous hydrogen.

For this, engineers have replaced the fuel supply and injection system. As a result of hydrogen combustion, no harmful emissions into the atmosphere are produced. The only exception is the small amount of carbon dioxide CO2 produced when engine oil burns.

Fuel is stored in a compressed state under a pressure of 70 MPa. For this, a tank from the serial hydrogen model Toyota Mirai is used.

Only water vapor comes out of the exhaust pipe of a hydrogen Corolla Sport.

Building such a car is part of Toyota’s strategy to achieve carbon neutrality, that is, to eliminate CO2 emissions.

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