The first images of the budget electric car Tesla

The first images of the budget electric car Tesla


German insider CarForce247 has unveiled renderings of Tesla’s new budget electric car, slated to hit the market in 2023.

The new electric car of the American brand is expected to enter the market under the name Model Q. The compact novelty will be produced in a hatchback body and will become the most affordable model of the brand with a price tag of $ 25,000.

Studying the renderings, you can see that the model will receive exactly the form factor that many media presented earlier: with reduced rear doors, high stern and a truly “hatchback” silhouette in the style of the Volkswagen Golf. There is a possibility that the cabin will not have a steering wheel and pedals, and you will have to entrust the steering of the car to the autopilot.

Insiders report that the first prototype of the new electric model has already been created, and the Shanghai Tesla Research Center is responsible for the development. The head of this center announced his readiness to create and release his own electric car under an American brand at the beginning of 2021.

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