The first images of the new SUV from Tesla was caught in a net

The first images of the new SUV from Tesla was caught in a net


Since the announcement of the new Elon Musk did not give further details about the model, but today we can look at the production version of the electric crossover without camouflage.

The model was spotted on the roads of California without any camouflage. The first pictures show that in the test car, there are two Tesla engineer, and one of them is passionate about studying data on the computer. The following photos are taken from a distance and show the same (or very similar) a vehicle that enters a Parking company.


Judging by the pictures, the novelty will be similar to the inflated Model 3, but as expected, cars will be different some body panels and trim. The rear diffuser, however, it seems, has a new design compared to what was shown at startup. On a background of black paint visible icon for “Dual Motor” on the trunk. Judging by the lack of red brake calipers, like the Performance, we can assume that we have before us a Long Range version of the AWD, the power reserve, which will be about 450 km. Also note the black door handles, unlike the chrome-plated elements Model 3 – subtle but noticeable design differences.

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It should be noted that this instance of Model Y is not quite ready for serial production. Here you can see a large gap at the base of the pillar. It also seems that the window trim may not be entirely consistent. However, it is seen that the model is in the final stages of development and soon will arrive on the conveyor.

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