The first lucky ones got their Bugatti Divo

The first lucky ones got their Bugatti Divo


Almost two years were necessary for the firm to collect the first copies of the Divo line for their owners.

Chiron hypercar turned into Bugatti Divo in August 2018: the premiere model took place in the “Competition of elegance” at pebble beach. The company called Divo fully independent model, despite the fact that aggregate base hypercar common.

As stated by the head of the company Stephan Winkelmann, with Divo, the company transformed from a “brand model” in a kind of mesovortices: platform Chiron hypercar was flexible enough to create markedly different from the donor car. However, in Bugatti confidently say not only about the visual, but also technical independence Divo.


However, the technique is by and large boils down to a different aerodynamic hypercar tail: it has, say, more flat design of the front end with special air intakes and the original optics, an alternative rear wing, air ducts on the roof and the original “flipper”. The power unit from splattermania the same. This 8.0-liter W16 and a half thousand horsepower, allowing you to gain first hundred in 2.4 seconds. However, Divo slightly retuned chassis, it is focused mainly on high-speed cornering.

While Bugatti Divo is twice as expensive as “normal” Chiron. The base price of the hypercar is EUR 5 million and to a certain extent due to the exclusivity, the company plans to collect only 40 copies Divo, each of which, obviously, will be a masterpiece of personalization.

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