The first NIO ET5 sedans rolled off the assembly line


Only a month and a half has passed since the Chinese company NIO introduced the ET5 sedan. However, during this period, the brand was able to establish a pilot production of prototypes of the model, the first of which rolled off the assembly line on January 23.

Naturally, these electric vehicles are not intended for sale. Test samples will continue to be assembled on the assembly line of the JAC Motors plant in the city of Hefei for production testing, testing and, possibly, crash tests. According to the company, the construction of the new NeoPark facility has not yet been completed.

Recall that the all-wheel drive power plant of the car consists of a 204-horsepower electric motor on the front and 286-horsepower on the rear axle. In total, they give out 480 “horses” and 700 Nm of torque. Acceleration to “hundreds” is 4.3 seconds. A well-tuned 5-link suspension and a body with low aerodynamic resistance also contribute to good dynamics: Cx – 0.24. The ET5 is equipped with 75, 100 and 150 kWh batteries, which allow you to drive 550, 705 and 1000+ km, respectively.

Deliveries scheduled for September 2022. Prices are already known: 258,000 yuan ($40,500) for a car with the option of renting a battery, a package with a 75 kWh battery is significantly more expensive – 328,000 yuan ($51,600), and 386,000 yuan will be asked for the 100 kWh option ( $60,700). The price for the top version has not yet been announced. In addition, NIO has already announced the arrival of ET5 in other countries.

At the moment, the company is officially represented in China and Norway. Next in line are Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark. Moreover, Denmark may be the first, as the Danish Automobile Importers Association recently published a press release confirming that NIO has officially become a member.

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