The first photos of the prototype of the electric cycle Triumph TE-1

The first photos of the prototype of the electric cycle Triumph TE-1


Triumph has unveiled its new all-electric motorcycle, project name TE-1 2022. This model was developed in collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineering, Integral Powertrain Ltd. and the Warwick Manufacturing Group of the University of Warwick. Now the manufacturer will have to test the prototype of his motorcycle at various stands and test sites.

Triumph has already announced an electric motorcycle for 2019. The first sketches of the model were shown in March 2021. Even then it was clear that the electric drive on the bike is hardly noticeable. Like the well-known Triumph Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčTriple internal combustion engine motorcycle, the novelty has a single-sided rear swingarm. The pre-production version of the bike will be tested by the developer for the next six months before the final variation with the standard livery is presented in the summer. Only after that the characteristics of the novelty from Triumph will be officially announced.

So far, only the specific power of the electric motor has been officially mentioned. It is 13 kW/kg peak or 9 kW/kg continuous. However, according to insider reports, the bike offers a 15 kWh battery. And the output of the electric motor itself is 130 kW or 176 horsepower. But it is not clear whether this figure is peak or continuous performance. The battery put on the motorcycle delivers 170 kW for a short time, which is more than enough for an electric motor, but only 90 kW in the long run. The battery runs on 300 volts and can be charged up to 80 percent in 20 minutes.

So far, there are quite a few electric motorcycles on the market. The most famous is the LifeWire from Harley-Davidson, which was introduced in 2019. It offers a driving power of 78 kW and its battery is 16 kWh and weighs about 100 kg, which is almost half of the total weight, which is 250 kg. The cost of this model is 32,995 euros.

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