The first problems with the new electric car Volkswagen ID.3

The first problems with the new electric car Volkswagen ID.3


Volkswagen ID.3 went into production in November, but the first clients to stream the electric cars planned later. Now the terms have moved from-for the arisen difficulties.

According to German Manager Magazin, the company faced major problems with the software. First of all we are talking about software updates over the air – this feature is just not working.

Revision shall be the first batch of Volkswagen ID.3, numbering 10,000 copies. Interestingly, the same number of cars in the next production lot will also remain without the function of the wireless software updates.

While the cars are waiting for improvements. Experts of the company expect to complete the process of upgrading systems in all electric cars in may next year. Such terms are connected with the fact that the VW Group cooperates with external companies that help in the development of new software.


It should be noted that there is nothing unusual in the difficulties when starting a new model. Electric car Volkswagen is really a car tech, but buyers would prefer not to experience discomfort during the operation.

Software updates over the air – an important feature for modern cars. The manufacturer is therefore interested in a quick and effective identification of gaps and further adjustment. Where better to resolve such issues within the production line, than to get an angry call from a disgruntled client.

Now the first copies of VW ID.3 will go to buyers in the summer of 2020.

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