The first production electric car EI LADA for sale for $14 500

The first production electric car EI LADA for sale for $14 500


On one ofn Internet sites appeared the announcement of the sale of rare cars. We are talking about the electric car El Lada Lada, which was released in Togliatti 8 years ago.

Writes in the beginning of the last decade AVTOVAZ took over the development of EV-direction. As a result, in 2011 the company rolled out its first electric car, built on the basis of Lada Kalina.

The machine received the electric capacity of 83 HP and a block of lithium-ion batteries. On one charge she drove 150 miles, by the standards of the time was a good indicator while charging from the mains was 8 hours (I think).


In all there were 100 Lada El Lada each instance was estimated at approximately $ 16,000. And now put up for sale one of these electric cars, which asked for $14 500. However, not to buy it fast because previously this car tried to implement over $15 500 (thus, the owner has “dumped” thousand).

Apparently, so the high price is explained not only by the rarity of the car, but its mileage, which is just 2.4 thousand km Year of production of electric – 2012.

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