The first show of the revived Hyundai Grandeur

The first show of the revived Hyundai Grandeur


Hyundai Grandeur has been produced since 1986 and is considered a classic of the Korean automotive industry. The automaker decided to pay homage to the original model and in early November unveiled the Grandeur Heritage Series, an electric sedan that combines retro styling with modern technology. The authors of the YouTube channel CarSceneKorea managed to learn more about this model, as well as examine the unusual design in all details.

Despite the obvious borrowing, Grandeur Heritage Series only at first glance seems similar to the classic Grandeur. In fact, the electric car has a different grille, pixel optics, wheels, other moldings and exterior mirrors. A single panel is installed on the front panel that combines the multimedia system screen and the virtual instrument panel. The stylists have retained the single-spoke steering wheel and used velvet for the upholstery.

Earlier it became known that the new Grandeur will be: Hyundai has promised to release a new generation sedan in 2023. Moreover, the automaker intends to release not only modifications with internal combustion engines (the novelty will share the range of engines with the soplatform K8), but also a fully electric version. However, the “commercial” version is unlikely to be similar to the Grandeur Heritage Series – it is more likely that the design of the model will be brought in line with the corporate identity of Hyundai.

The current Grandeur has been produced since 2016 and sold in the domestic market of South Korea. At the same time, in some countries, for example, in the USA, the car is not presented in order not to create internal competition with the models of the premium brand Genesis.

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