The first SUV by Ferrari, which nobody knew

The first SUV by Ferrari, which nobody knew


Now actively discussing a future crossover Ferrari Purosangue. But it turns out the first attempt to make a Ferrari off-road was made half a century ago.

Meet Jerrari – a hybrid of a Jeep and a Ferrari. SUV ordered 1969 known car collector William Harrah. The man wanted a powerful all-wheel drive model for every day and even appealed to Enzo Ferrari, but he refused to experiment.

And then Harrah’s appealed to the tuners. They have not invented anything better than to cross a Jeep Wagoneer and a Ferrari 365 GT 2+2. The Italian sports car took the whole front part and a 4.4-liter 320-horsepower V12 and gearbox, steering wheel and parts of the cabin. Car looks like grandpa Porsche Cayenne.


In 1977 Harre made a new Jerrari. This time the car outwardly almost did not differ from Jeep Wagoneer – except that the hood extended, to V12 got. The engine, incidentally, is moved from the first Jerrari. In the cabin replaced the instrument panel and put the wheel of a Ferrari.

Now the first Jerrari (he is now equipped with the engine from Corvette) is in a private collection and the second in the Harrah’s Museum in Nevada.

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