The first U.S. fire truck on electric cost of $ 1.2 million

The first U.S. fire truck on electric cost of $ 1.2 million


In 2016 the Austrian company Rosenbauer (one of the three world leaders in production of equipment for fighting fires) provided the electric fire truck, calling it Сoncept Fire Truck. Four years later, Fire Department Los Angeles became the first in the United States, which ordered a “pumper” on electric. The amount of the purchase is $ 1.2 million.

Сoncept Fire Truck (abbreviation: CFT) for firefighting will not go, because it is only Concept. The guys from the Fire Department of Los Angeles will receive a pre-production model built on the basis of CFT, and this car will pass all the necessary tests and checks in 2020-2021 years Already in order to fully meet the requirements of working in the Fire service and, in fact, successfully carry out their tasks.

At first it may seem that the 1.2 million dollars – too expensive for a fire truck that can’t compete with the “brothers” on diesel power. However, the cost of a new fire truck with an internal combustion engine in the United States is also expressed by seven figures. So actually buying not so irrational.

What is “fire”, built on the basis of CFT? The truck is equipped with two batteries of 100 kWh, which should provide some energy for the two “battle” hours. As statistics show, this is enough in 90% of cases. If such a charge is not enough, the car is equipped with a 200-kilowatt diesel generator. The truck is equipped with all-wheel drive, from the point of view of dimensions, it is already his predecessors, if we take into consideration the best weight distribution thanks to the battery, and to manage them should be easier. In addition, thanks to the electric propulsion of space in the cabin, other things being equal should be more.


Not to mention the absence of harmful emissions of internal combustion engines. The city authorities have already declared that will establish a station for “fast” charging in a place where the “train” will dwell.

By the way, the US is not the first who has dared at such step. Amsterdam and Berlin will also begin tests of electric fire truck Rosenbauer at the end of 2020. Motivation for a city like Amsterdam (with narrow streets, and therefore a lot of attention to agility and size) are not only characteristics of the CFT, but also a program to reduce emissions from the internal combustion engine in the city. So, by 2025, all the trucks, buses and taxis, which emit harmful substances, will not be eligible for movement in some areas of the city. By 2030, this prohibition will also apply to cars.

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