The first went: the Lamborghini refused to participate in exhibitions

The first went: the Lamborghini refused to participate in exhibitions


The Italian supercars will not appear on major exhibitions: firm preferred “better communication with customers”.

An alternative to the big international events Lamborghini chose the compact of parties, to organize that on their own. To generate lists of invited guests, the company will also be individually – this will allow a better understanding of the latest products to prospective buyers.

“We decided to abandon the showrooms, because we believe that a key aspect is the close relationship with customers. The exhibition is not consistent with our philosophy,” – said the publication Autocar, Lamborghini’s Director of marketing and communications Katia Bassi.


According to her, buyers of supercars Lamborghini want to feel that are kind of personal relationship with the company. Modern trends, including a sharp jump in the popularity of social networks and online interactions have dramatically changed the traditional role of the showroom as a place of demonstration of new vehicles and technologies.

The next new Lamborghini should be a track supercar division Squadra Corse. Presumably, yet unnamed coupe will be equipped with atmospheric V12 with a volume of 6.5 liters with output 830 HP it will Show as expected in the summer, as the circulation does not exceed 40 copies. In addition, before the end of the year the company can demonstrate and open modification of his will Sian FKP 37.

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