The flagship Mercedes EQS was a big liftback

The flagship Mercedes EQS was a big liftback

The rumors do not lie: Mercedes-Benz has really started to test the new luxurious EQS, dubbed “S-class among electric vehicles”.

Caught the eye of photospin prototype hidden under heavy camouflage, but could not hide neither his electric essence or original silhouette. Apparently, the new Mercedes-Benz will provide a very special exterior.

It seems that even the body type she will receive special. Some nuances make one suspect that we are dealing with a liftback – the five-door model, carefully disguised as a traditional sedan. Opening the fifth door needs, under some assumptions, to significantly increase the practicality of electric vehicles.

Interestingly, the prototype of the EQS has some features which seem designed to confuse observers confused. So, he has some hint of the classic exhaust system and two flap for “refueling” on the sides, which, in theory, should serve as a hint for the presence of the internal combustion engine or a hybrid powerplant. However, photospin sure that we are dealing with a full electric vehicle.

Presumably, the electric flagship of the company will be built on the platform MEA – Modular Electric Architecture with a large share of aluminium in design, hidden into the floor panels and two electric motors. Impact is unknown but likely to exceed the four hundred “horses”, which features electrocreaser Mercedes-Benz EQC.

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To provide the second serial electric company needs in the next year following the debut of the updated S-class. Accordingly, we can expect that he will get all those developments that will be implemented the “Mercedes” working on a traditional flagship. Competition in this segment of electric vehicles is heating up: following the Tesla Model S to the market will be released soon Taycan Porsche, and Audi e-tron GT, and even elektroversiya Jaguar XJ.

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