The Following Haval H6? Surprised even in China

The Following Haval H6? Surprised even in China

Crossover Haval H6 release in 2011 (his market career started under the SUV brand Great Wall brand Haval spun off in 2013) and in 2017 in China started a model of the second generation. For several years the six heads best selling SUV “celestial” market, though after “the second” SUV sales are down. So, in 2016 (the best year for the model in China) was sold almost 581,000 copies, in 2017 – about 506 000 units, but the result of 2018 – 453 000, and last year, and even managed to implement “only” 386 000 cars. By the way, cross the first generation still in formation, in China it is the prefix Sport. Minus the same can probably be explained by the fact that the number of complete sets of “first” H6 greatly curtailed, and the model of the second generation more expensive. And here come the H6 is the third generation.


Patent images of a new crossover was widely cited in Chinese media. The picture is not signed, the car has no emblems or nameplates. Nevertheless, the Chinese believe that this is the Haval H6. Moreover, local media is even somewhat surprised that apparently the cross is not similar to the one presented at the beginning of this year, the show car Concept Haval H, although he showed in India, and not at home.

Well, if it really is the following H6, the revolutionary design will not name, moreover, and the current, “second”, cross there is a version with a similar design of the front – the model is “broken” headlights and grille with thin strips in China once sold as a variant Blue Label. Earlier, Haval shared their models at the Red Label and Blue Label, machines had a different design: a crossover with the red logo is positioned in the quality tier, and the blue was youth-oriented. But then mark’s from the “labels” refused (all models is now the logo on neutral grey background), “youth” H6 from China was removed, turning it into an export version.

All the same, some new techniques are used. For example, the mirror housings are now mounted to the doors on separate legs, the front came the “triangles” that may have hid fog lights or DRL, and the lights, according to the current fashion, a wide plate. In addition, the Windows in the rear rack got bigger. The Chinese write that the “third” H6 built on a new platform, and its length is about 4,65 m vs 4600 mm from the current cross intended for China (the export option, he is a former Red Label, the figure is 4610 mm). The wheelbase is not named (the predecessor – 2680 mm).


Some specialized media write that in the domestic market third SUV will be offered with new petrol “turboservice” 1.5, which supposedly will be two versions of power – 163 or 183 HP Also crossover can get hybrid versions. SUV Haval H6 of the second generation in China are available with “turbochetverkami” 1.5 and 2.0, outstanding 169 and 224 HP respectively, both combined with seven-speed robotized transmission with two clutches. On all-wheel drive, the Chinese media did not mention (“second” cross deprived of it).

According to unofficial sources, the Chinese market sales of new SUV will start this summer. Probably with the release of “third” H6 the first generation model is finally removed from production, but the “second” cross can write.

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