The following models of the Mercedes-AMG will be less noisy

The following models of the Mercedes-AMG will be less noisy

Operating in the territory of the European norms on restriction of emissions in atmosphere of harmful substances, restrict automakers in quite many ways.

Official representatives of the sports brand of Mercedes-AMG say that future models will sound “a little quieter”. “Thanks” to the new European regulations to reduce emissions of harmful substances, vehicles with high specifications German automaker and his closest rivals will sound less impressive than before. This also applies to Mercedes-AMG outside Europe.

In an interview to foreign publications Motoring Bastian Bogenschutz, head of Mercedes-AMG is planning the release of compact cars, said that all countries in one way or another influenced by legislative changes in Europe. Too expensive to develop for each market its own version of a motor. The rules are also becoming more stringent every two years, which further complicates the problem.

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The first two cars that these new rules fully comply with, are the Mercedes-AMG A 45 S and Mercedes-AMG CLA 45’S (pictured) 2020 model year, which include the fact that representatives of the German brand Mercedes called the world’s most powerful four-cylinder engine. However, thanks to modern technology, the specialists of the AMG trying to keep appreciate many powerful exhaust sound – they enhance the sound of this exhaust in the cabin.

Car audio that simulates the sound of the exhaust system and engine noise are not new, as other creative ways to improve the driving experience. Yes, it’s not a perfect solution, but better than nothing. While European rules on emissions will be to “contain” automakers from installing in production models of powerful exhausts, various workshops also will offer loved by many “packages” of improvements to the same exhaust system and motor.

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