The Ford Fiesta ST Review

The Ford Fiesta ST Review


Earlier this year we drive Ford’s little hot hatch – the all new 2018 Fiesta ST – on UK roads for the first time. With the help of an 850bhp Hennessey Mustang… Walkarounds: Chris Harris Drives: Drag Races: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here. Make sure you’re subscribed to the official YouTube channel:

this is the new Ford Fiesta ST and there’s only one question we need to answer but a cocker wheel through corners why yes yes it does and with that vital piece of hot hatch research conducting review over okay okay I get it you need more well here’s the whole thing the new Fiesta ST is based on the same underpinnings as the old one but every aspect of it has been thoroughly overhauled it’s still front-wheel drive still has a six-speed manual gearbox but now there’s torque vectoring there are switchable driving modes and adaptive dampers in a Fiesta as standard and the engine well that’s lost a cylinder the motor is a brand new 3-cylinder 1.5 liter turbo it’s got 197 brake and 214 pounds foot a torque there’s not 62 in 6.7 seconds and 144 miles an hour at the top-end options include a proper mechanical limited slip differential and sportier Recaro seats both of which this car has the gearbox will cope with flat shifting it has launch control and claims to be lighter than before there’s some good stuff here so to find out what it’s like we’re gonna answer some questions here we are third gear 30 miles an hour like you would be if you’re coming out of a village or something 2,000 rpm are on the clock and go it was quite a bit of lag initially but then it goes pretty well achieve beyond 3000 ice picking up quite nicely through the mid range yeah that feels alive actually that feels all right and you know if you keep it above 3000 rpm response is much better there’s less lag and the drivetrain that’s fine I wouldn’t say it’s sensational but the gear change is quick and snappy enough but the flat shifting thing it’s a bit of a gimmick look you can do it go down but listen the clutch takes it but the revs Flair it just doesn’t feel very mechanically sympathetic I’d be worried about how long the clutch was going to last right let’s get the phone plugged in and see how long it takes the apple carplay to pop up well pretty quick actually so there you go got all your apple carplay functionality and if you go to the Ford bit the graphics are good and the menus are simple so you can actually use the system pretty well and in fact the whole car comes across as well thought-out the designs fine it’s nothing to write home about but the quality is good and you know what these seats are really snug and the driving position is spot-on as a daily driver this is fine I mean look there’s even room in the back for your kids we’ve had this car for six days and done 1,850 miles in it the vast majority of them dump all EQ here Ollie where the aches and pains okay I’ll spay the intimate details but mainly they are down here in the buttock region and it’s thanks to these wicked Bacaro bucket seats they’re massively body holding but the post is really pinched you around the sort of posterior area and if you’ve been in the saddle for a couple of hours is slightly cutting off the blood flow what’s refinement beam light that’s been really impressive compared to the old st which is a bit wearing them along journey this is not only improved on that but it’s been more quiet and more calm on the motorway than the honda civic type-r support car that’s been chasing us all the way down from Scotland this is the car look people ones being on the motorway brilliant last one what’s it been doing to the gap ah now that’s been boring Lee brilliant above as well because this three cylinder engine can deactivate two two cylinders when it’s just cruising on the motorway so 38 mpg over almost 2,000 miles I think is pretty stellar on the motorway first going up from London to Glasgow 45 mpg which for a car this quick I think you can argue that so there you go if you want to drive a lap of the UK in the new Fiesta you too can emerge looking as refreshed and relaxed as ollie well here’s our supercar yes we could have chosen something more suited to European roads maybe but not much more powerful and definitely not louder this is a Hennessey Mustang and it’s supercharged v8 develops 850 horsepower this is what 850 horsepower sounds like it is ballistically fast but you know what it has a chassis that can keep up the Hennessey Mustang is based on the gt350r which has been roundly praised for its handling and this thing really does handle still and it’s got masses and masses of grip it’s got masses of grip because the front tires are 305 which is wider than most super car manufacturers stick on the rears so it really does grip and it really does go but it’s also quite busy on the road those tires tramline a lot they get distracted by everything on the road and there’s a lot on the roads on export so you’re always busy in the car and that makes it less relaxing it also means the nose gets pulled around quite a bit and yeah 850 horsepower you can’t use all of it around here you can’t even use much of it to be fair so it is my team the Hennessey Mustang but it’s also quite fighting time for the Fiesta so how does the ps2 feel after the Mustang well smaller and nimbler less grippy and slower no surprise on any of that really but those all things that make it really good on a British biro small nimble light agile all that good stuff and you don’t need masses of performers because you just can’t use it you don’t want lots of grip because it’s more entertaining to drive the car at more modest speeds and the Fiesta sponge it’s got a really good flow to it the dried still got a bit of jiggle to it like the old one it doesn’t feel quite as light and agile but it feels a bit more grown-up and it’s got more capability if you like around corners it builds a flow more easily it holds an angle it still rolls a bit and that’s not a bad thing you might be surprised to learn there’s no road flip on the new Fiesta I was quite surprised by that when it’s got the torque vectoring and limited slip dip sand all the rest of it it’s good that limited slip diff when you get our back on the power really does tuck the nose a bit more are there any drawbacks I’m not a massive fan of the steering it feels a little bit stodgy but the rack itself is quite sharp sat turning is quite precise and the brakes the brakes do the job but you can probably have a bit more fight at the top end you can’t choose the cars settings for the dampers and the exhaust noise and so on individually you have to go through the button down here and cycle between normal sport and track but that button isn’t very well sited down there it’s hard to find when you’re driving it goes along the road with a good amount of enthusiasm the Fiesta but it doesn’t quite have the same sharpness and liveliness as the old car I don’t think but the trade-off is the balance it’s got the capability the breadth of it has changed that’s improved a lot so if you drove an old Fiesta and found it to pogo e to noisy to rowdy then this will probably be the car for you but despite the drawbacks and they are very minor I really would rather drive this down a good biro than the Hennessy I really would it’s got a lovely combination this of a nut softness to give you a bit of roll and let you know the cars working and then this differential which is brilliant I know it’s optional but you need to happen we need to it’s got enough of turning by and everything it just makes me want to keep driving so that’s what I’m gonna do you

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