The former head of Renault-Nissan denies all charges

The former head of Renault-Nissan denies all charges


Escaped from the Japanese under arrest in Lebanon, Carlos Ghosn gave a big press conference. The Tokyo district public Prosecutor has already responded.

The performance of Gon in Beirut was, by and large, his first appearance before the media after his arrest in November 2018. It was organized, by and large, to the former head of the automotive group was able to assert his innocence. “I was looking forward to this moment for more than 400 days,” said gon.

According to him, he was “brutally torn” from the familiar surroundings and deprived of the opportunity to communicate with loved ones. The conditions of being under arrest Carlos Ghosn called a “nightmare”, and the Japanese justice system is an inhuman and indifferent to justice.

But the main assertion of the Rut was the denial of all the charges – primarily in financial fraud. Most probably, now under discussion, the representative of the automotive industry argues that can confirm your innocence with documents, and only in conditions of isolation from the Japanese prosecution had an opportunity to do so. The fact of the prosecution Carlos Ghosn explains how political motives and motives of personal revenge of some of the Nissan employees.


According to him, between the Tokyo Prosecutor’s office and Nissan there is a conspiracy:

“What happened in the last 14 months is the result of the efforts of a handful of unscrupulous people from Nissan with the support of the Tokyo Prosecutor,” says Ghosn. However, according to Reuters in Tokyo has already reacted to this statement and, in turn, also deny all charges, simultaneously Recalling that the escape of Carlos Ghosn in Lebanon according to Japanese law is a separate crime.

The former boss of Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi says that is the victim of a conspiracy and intends while in Lebanon, to make every effort in order to clear his name. Interestingly, in the details of his escape, Carlos Ghosn did not elaborate: he believes that it no longer has any value.

Do you believe in the innocence of Carlos Ghosn?

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