The former head of the Audi was charged with fraud

The former head of the Audi was charged with fraud

Munich prosecutors have charged a former head of Audi Rupert Stadler and another three defendants in the case of “diesel scandal”, reported on the Agency’s website. According to investigators, Stadler for several years knew about the fraudulent software on the cars of the German brand, which underestimated indicators of harmful emissions.

Stadler was arrested June 18, 2018, followed by his resignation as head of the German brand by agreement of the parties. More than a year he spent in prison in the German Augsburg. The former head of the Audi is accused in 2015 were aware of the illegal manipulation, but do not prevent car sales on the European and North American markets.

In October last year it became known that “diesel scandal”, dubbed by journalists “desligada”, cost Audi 800 million Euro fine in this size had been appointed Prosecutor. Of these, five million euros were paid out for negligence, and the remaining 795 million – a return of illegally obtained profits from sales of cars with engines V6 and V8. All around the world have recalled over 11 million vehicles of the Volkswagen group, equipped with illegal SOFTWARE.

Previously, the punishment suffered and other defendants in the case. For example, the former top-Manager of the American office of “Volkswagen” Oliver Schmidt was sentenced to seven years in prison, and also arrested the head of engine development Porsche of jörg Kerner.

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