The French called price electric mini Renault Duster

The French called price electric mini Renault Duster


Recently, the budget brand of Renault – Dacia firm – unveiled its first electric car, which received the name of Spring. Now we have some ideas for new items.

Renault initially hinted that Dacia is a budget Spring electric vehicle – in fact, the cheapest EV that the French group would sell in Europe. The exact cost is not yet determined, however, French newspaper L Argus assumes that the price of electric car will be within 15 000 – 20 000 euros depending on configuration.

Dacia Spring have become a serial in the next year (until ready concept); he will join the other models of the Romanian brand, which is well known in our area – Logan, Sandero and Daster. The novelty in some way will be reduced, the electric version of the latter: it is a similar design, shape of the body, also is a crossover, but is much smaller in size – the length of the car is only 3,73 m, and he refers to the segment And SUVs.


Full specifications Dacia Spring not reported until it is known that the electric car passes on a single charge is 200 km cycle WLTP. It is assumed that the filling he will inherit from the related Renault City K-ZE – similar design electrotrack that is already being sold in China (by the way, less than 8,000 euros).

If this really happens, then Dacia will get EV electric capacity 44 HP, the battery is 26.8 kWh and fast charging; however, to accelerate the car will be up to 200 km/h, and its weight will be less than a ton.

It is expected that in the Spring Dacia vehicle will include led optics, and the modern media system with an eight-inch touchscreen.

Wish Spring was brought to Ukraine?

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