The French government plans to reduce its stake in Renault

The French government plans to reduce its stake in Renault

The government of France by the mouth of Finance Minister Bruno Le Mayor stated that it is willing to reduce its 15 percent stake in Renault to strengthen its partnership with Japanese automaker Nissan.

According to Le Mare, reduction of a share of stock is not a problem, if it helps to build a stronger Alliance between the two automakers. However, for this to happen, the government wants first to strengthen the Alliance, to protect jobs, and then to consolidate the efforts in this direction, in case of interest of all parties.

Recall that recently, Renault and Fiat Chrysler Automobilies was a step away from creating the third-largest world group, but the FCA unexpectedly withdrew its offer after France asked for more time for the transaction to get not too rushing in the Nissan group.

On the other hand, Nissan has long been concerned about a share of the French company Renault. According to insider information, the Japanese want the government of France fully proved all of its assets to Renault, as the interest of state structures causing tension in the Alliance.

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