The future of BMW: the company introduced a car from garbage


The BMW i Vision Circular, which debuted today, should give a glimpse of the small electric car of 2040. As the name suggests, Circular is primarily about circular economy. In other words, the Bavarians have designed a car that can be 100% recyclable (including the solid-state battery) or recycled.

From a design point of view, the concept represents an evolution of the BMW corporate identity: the shape of the radiator grille remains the same, while it is literally replete with unique diode strips. The windshield and the roof form a single glass, which visually increases the length of the electric car. Behind, attention is drawn to the long line of light from edge to edge.

The housing made of secondary aluminum was not painted for environmental reasons, but anodized to match bronze. The back is made from recycled steel and is heat treated in color.

The front passengers seem to be floating in the air because of the special chaise lounges with a “thin leg” mount. Combined with the missing center console, it feels like a very spacious interior.

However, the “interactive light ensemble” in the center of the dashboard draws more attention to itself, which, by the way, is made by 3D printing. The developers call it “the brain of an electric car” with all the ensuing consequences. In other words, through the triangular screen, you can control all the functions of the car and customize it for yourself.

The BMW i Vision Circular Concept will not go into production. In 2040, we will only see a derivative adapted for mass production. However, the idea of ​​deep recycling will be developed in the near future.

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