The future of Kawasaki

The future of Kawasaki


According to reports from Kawasaki Heavy Industries, the parent company of Kawasaki Motorcycles, has a new roadmap for the next few years. Kawasaki are planning a smoother industrial integration with Kawasaki Motors Ltd. by October of the current year.

The meeting and further decision to restructure was partly due to unprecedented times. The company is now leaning more towards shipping, offshore structures, and bioengineering and energy systems.

During the meeting, Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) noted that sales of motorcycles above 401cc have grown by 80% since 2017. Sales of the two-cylinder models are up 60 percent, which is good news for the company, which is targeting a younger generation of motorcyclists. As for engines for three and four-wheeled vehicles, sales of KHI also increased.

Despite the success of traditional power supplies, Kawasaki has teamed up with Taiwanese motorcycle and scooter manufacturer Kymco to work together to continue the four-wheeler segment and further develop hydrogen motors. Ultimately, KHI intends to use green energy to create a sustainable source for everything from motorcycles to ships and aircraft.

In a statement from the meeting:

“In response to changes in the social environment, we will accelerate the development of electric motors, hybrids, uses of hydrogen fuel and strengthen cooperation within the industry.”

Kawasaki Motors Ltd. will be established on October 21, 2021. Only time will tell how timely the Japanese are implementing the plan for the transition to cleaner energy sources, but let’s hope that this will happen relatively smoothly.

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