The Future of Public Transport!

The Future of Public Transport!


This is the future of shared transportation according to Hyundai Mobis. Today I show you how this incredible technology will shape our day to day lives as we know it in the future!Hyundai Mobis -Youtube: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Homepage: You can follow Supercar Blondie on:#MOBIS #HyundaiMOBIS #CES2022

check this out all right this is a ride share car i want to ride my passenger is now a passenger so cool you control this car with your phone so all through an app put this in here it adjusts watch this my name is now freddy it’s much better than that this is super super cool what i’m going to show you guys today is some of the tech you and i are going to have in our cars in future so we’re at hyundai mobis and what they’re responsible for doing is developing technology and parts that can then go into actual real cars on the roads where in a car that you control through your mobile phone so you come in you put it in here the car starts up this is basically your stop start button now this also does something check this out all right here we go i’m a little bit taller i’ve got my boots on so i need to move this up there we go and now it’s at my height how cool is this all right i’m going to show you some really cool stuff when i turn the wheel watch what happens here the wheel actually comes out from this casing and the reason why this casing is there is because when you’re going at higher speeds it’s more aero so you’ll get better range and then when you need to turn you can do that and and the casing will come out now check this out you guys everything controlled through here when i press this look at this look it goes transparent so the purpose of this is if you are at a crossing right you drive up to the crossing and you’ve got people walking in front of you you go transparent mode so you can see you know even dogs and small children walking across so you know when it’s safe to go again that is so cool all right now flickr look it’s almost like a game controller right it’s so cool uh you’ve got your indicator here so this is usually like the shooting button on this car it’s the indicator that’s how guns go apparently you got your hazards here there you go both are going and you just flick like this across on the app and now you’ve got your navigation and you’ve got your entertainment here as well look if you’re in autonomous mode you can go in you can watch a movie and this will appear on the screen because i’m driving you guys because i’m driving they’re not allowing you to watch it in front of you so this is for your passenger to watch now this we’re going to turn that off all right over here jump in thank god at least we can say goodbye i’ll pass it to you okay all right yes thank you thank you i really like that so if you’re sharing the the ride with someone a friend or whatever and you just want to have a power nap you can just go you know what it’s your turn there you go you’re in control boom i’m gonna have a little bit of a nap now what is even cooler about this is watch this i’m gonna get my controller out press this button releases your phone all right now it goes right well what do you want to do you want to auto park this baby you’ve just rolled up somewhere and you want to park it so you get out watch what happens here you press auto park the wheels are actually going to come out 90 degrees or turn 90 degrees then the car rolls into its parking position no more self parking so easy and then once you’ve parked you just go quit and the car locks itself and then it’s ready for someone else to come along and with their phone and unlock it and sit in and drive it it’s so cool so this right here all of these functionalities and this actual shareable car is like probably we’re looking at a couple of years into the future but before then because these guys work on parts and technology that can be applied to other cars this whole e-corner module can actually be fitted to other cars so that it has the capability of turning like the wheel 90 degrees and and parking in in that spot so that kind of technology and this technology the wheel being moved back and forth they can all be applied into other vehicles now behind us over here this is where we get to see the cool stuff this is actually the movable car basically the whole idea is to make it super super easy to move about a city check this out guys this is so cool all right no you just think okay storage compartment seen it watch this pull this out pop this down and this now is a wheelable storage come on that is so cool and then you can fold this as well now it’s like a compact little area and you can then put this in here oh yeah yeah before i put this in look what’s here it’s a hydrogen fuel cell and this is actually what controls the e-corner units these ones e-corner modules and under here look you can actually see the hydrogen tank underneath the seats pretty cool right all right now this can do more stuff okay all right let’s see it move all right so if you need to turn around you don’t have to do like a three-point turn you can just spin the vehicle and then the crab walks as well nice so it’s just going to park itself easily in here no more reverse parking yes how cool is that you guys alright that’s it i’m so glad i came here this is actually ces the world’s biggest consumer electronics show here in vegas huge thank you to hyundai mobas for showing us this future tech it’s coming you guys it’s coming thank you so much for watching you

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