The game is on the line? Toyota electric cars will be made of Chinese steel

The game is on the line? Toyota electric cars will be made of Chinese steel


The Korean unit of Toyota Motor will become part of the electrical steel sheet from Chinese companies Baowu Steel Group, the largest steel supplier in China, which could become the beginning of the era when the Japanese manufacturers of metal came competition.

Steel sheet is a high quality product and the most important material for the production of electric vehicles, which require sophisticated technology. Because high quality is crucial, Toyota bought it mostly from leading manufacturers in Japan.


This transaction is considered contexte the fact that Chinese steel producers are catching up with Japanese rivals on quality and price. Toyota has not just endorsed the quality of the steel sheet of the Chinese company Baowu for use in electrified cars of Japanese production, but has begun accepting deliveries. It is worth noting that this is the first case in history when the largest automaker in Japan uses the Chinese electrical steel sheet production for the construction of a Japanese-made car.

Despite the fact that the supply of steel from China will be limited Baowu, manual Toyota announced that the Chinese product “as good as its Japanese counterparts”. The company plans to diversify the suppliers of material, because the production of fully electric vehicles is expected to grow. As it became known, among other things, Baowu China began supplying its products to the American electric car manufacturer Tesla.

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