The German artist has created a virtual traffic jams on Google Maps

The German artist has created a virtual traffic jams on Google Maps


German conceptual artist Simon Weckert conducted a unique experiment, which showed the imperfection of modern navigation applications, as well as the impact of online cards on people’s lives.

Simon Weckert put in the 99 truck of smartphones which were launched navigation Google Maps and went with her to the streets of Berlin. He walked across the bridge Sellingprice across the spree river, then this area on Google Maps was colored in red. He then went into several streets, which later also became the map “red”, reports Auto Informant with a link to the blog of the author.

Such a reaction Google Maps stems from the fact that the algorithms took the accumulation of such a number of smartphones, as the tube, the speed of traffic which does not exceed 4 km/h. Because the system operates in automatic mode and there are no differences between smartphones behind the truck and real cars.


While real vehicles in this area practically was not, as the drivers toured the streets, fearing a non-existent “toffees”.

“Google Maps has radically changed our understanding of what a map, what should be the interaction with the cards, what are their technological limitations and how they look. We fully rely on him and so, Google Maps makes virtual changes in a real city,” wrote Simon Weckert.

You asked the question, as, indeed, Google learns about new traffic, which no one except the witnesses don’t know?

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