The Germans created a revolutionary electric motor

The Germans created a revolutionary electric motor


Mahle introduced an electric motor without permanent magnets.

According to the press service of Mahle, the company has developed an electric motor without the use of permanent magnets, which, according to representatives of the company, will increase the efficiency of the power plant, as well as reduce its cost and maintenance costs. The need for the use of rare earth metals will also disappear.

For Europe, abandoning rare earth metals should be key, since they are most often exported from China, while their value has increased by 750 percent over the past 10 years. Mahle also noted that the main achievement was the solution to the problem of transferring voltage to the rotor coils using an induction (wireless) system.

The new design has shown itself to be excellent in terms of efficiency and allows you to adjust the strength of the magnetic field in the rotor coils. Also, Mahle specialists got rid of sliding contacts, which had a positive effect on efficiency at maximum speed (+ 95%) and eliminated the need to service them.

Mahle notes that such power plants are suitable for both passenger cars and trucks. The first prototypes have already been sent to interested car manufacturers for testing. The series of new electric motors may go into production in the next two years.

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