The Germans presented a city electric car with a battery on the roof

The Germans presented a city electric car with a battery on the roof


The main feature of this kid is that the batteries are replaceable, and the owner can decide for himself how many batteries he needs. If it’s not enough, you can just add more.

The German company ACM has unveiled its City One compact city electric car. Despite the spartan interior and exterior, the little car turned out to be very versatile. It can carry 4 people (although there are 3 side doors), and the rear seats can be folded to turn the baby into a truck.

However, the main feature of City One is replaceable batteries. 4 of them are in his trunk. Their capacity of 10 kWh is enough for a range of up to 240 km. But if this is not enough – you can equip the car with a roof rack – 2 more batteries will increase the declared mileage to a decent 360 km. The maximum speed is 110 km / h. This electric car is clearly not for the German autobahns, but if necessary, it will feel good there.

ACM City One is pure practicality. With a length of 3.6 meters, it has a trunk volume of 400 liters. And if you fold the seats, turning it into an electric truck, you get a decent 1,450 liters and a flat floor.

This compact electric car has already been presented, but its production will not begin until 2024 at the Magna plant. It is expected that the price will be 10-15 thousand Euros.

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