The giant out of the box: V8 7.3 Godzilla for your Mustang

The giant out of the box: V8 7.3 Godzilla for your Mustang


Wishing to adapt this engine to the Mustang or old Bronco probably will be. By the way, one of the advantages of the motor – a relatively modest size for a unit with such a working volume.

In the tuning industry and among firms, creating a piece of exotic, popular so-called “motors out of the box” (crate engine) manufactured by major producers. This is often the units of GM, although there are other concerns, and even lesser-known companies. And now the giant Ford has made a tempting offer. Petrol Signalny atmospheric V8 7.3 Godzilla that appeared last year on the pickups Ford F-Series Super Duty added to the catalog as Ford Performance crate engine for $8150. The complete motor includes a throttle body and exhaust manifolds, oil pan, coil and ignition wires, stand and brackets for lifting.

Motor V8 7.3 Godzilla is a cast iron cylinder block, camshaft in block, aluminium cylinder head, two valves per cylinder, forged steel crankshaft, fuel injection, variable valve timing, nozzles for cooling the pistons with oil, the oil pump is a variable capacity, compression ratio of 10.5:1.


In the version of “out of the box” Godzilla develops the same 436 HP and 644 Nm, which correspond to passport data, the model F-250. Torque then diesel is good, for those who want to drive it on petrol. Ferdowsi clarify that the engine is designed and built to provide long-term operation in heavy conditions. This shows the potential for tuning. Edition Muscle Cars & Trucks assures that little modification makes Godzilla about 600 forces in an atmospheric performance. A firm Whipple announced for this engine kit Stage 2 with a three-liter supercharger drive, with which the beginner has output of 710 HP and 949 nm.

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