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The Gold BMW


BMW are introducing their second all electric car to the market next year. That car, will be the i4. We take a look around at the concept i4, which has the same amount of horse power as their v8 engines produce. What’s cool is, the production car will look almost the same as this concept. Thoughts?? #bmw #bmwi4concept #adI’ve partnered up with BMW to make this video possible.Follow me on:

if you put it in sports mode changes again to red look at this all here underneath the dash screen and on the doors take a look at this guys this is the all-new concept I for from BMW 85% of what you see is actually going to be on the series production car coming to the market next year so this is not just purely a concept car this is what you could be driving around next year that’s pretty cool let me take you through the car first of all welcome to the supercar blondie channel thank you guys so so much for watching if you haven’t yet subscribed please click that button and make sure to turn on your notifications so you are the first to see cars like this right I’m here in Munich at the home of BMW to show you this incredible car right where should we start come this way this is a fully electric car you guys at the moment BMW only has one other fully electric car on the market and that’s the i3 it’s like a hatchback more compact car to kind of get in and around the city this is a brand new spacious kind of family car that is coming to the market next year fully electric as I said I love these little details these crystal features here on the door unlock and lock button and then here in the middle you’ve also got the crystal feature and you guys may have already seen that on the 8 series BMW I’ve done a video on that car as well if you want to check that out go click the link in the description underneath this video they’ve got a beautiful crystal gear leaver here in the middle let me show you how all the door closes now before we do this BMW has actually teamed up with the famous composer Hans Zimmer to create new noises or sounds for this car because it’s an electric car so we’re not gonna get like the emotion from the petrol engine anymore but what they want to make sure of is in the future with electric cars you get that same emotion but from different sounds now Hans Zimmer has pretty much composed music for every blockbuster movie Batman Superman he wanted an Oscar for I’m king right so he is actually composing sounds for this car I actually met up with Hans last year let’s see what he had to say about it hey supercar Vlad new family we finally have a chance to go and customize ourselves we’re finding our chance to get other artists in odd you know to personalize the whole the whole driving experience even more and to really make it yours what was the world like before we had the combustion engines yeah what did it sound like right so now we suddenly get this moment where we have a clean slate and we can go and build a new sonic world you can do anything this color is called frozen light copper on the car looks pretty cool doesn’t it and then you’ve got the blue accents here on the front on the grille and the blue accents point to all of the electric features on the car right so this is no longer an air intake as it would be on a petrol car this is now an intelligence panel so there are lots of sensors here behind this grille instead now you see blue yep and that is to indicate where the batteries are there’s blue here as well and that’s you know usually where the exhaust pipes would be but no exhaust pipes instead you’ve got this rear diffuser so it kind of points to a few of like the electric features of the car that looks pretty cool just see the lights just all in there these are meant to be like a heartbeat shape light so when you see your heartbeat like this these wheels have been developed especially for the i-4 so what you see here is pretty much going to be the rim on the production series car and this is make it more lightweight and super aerodynamic with these features here it just improves efficiency so you can have a longer range we have to put this here because this car I mean almost no one has ever been in it only a couple of people so we’ve got to keep this in mint condition so we’ve got these little covers here on the chair nice little soft clothes there now this is how you turn the car on there’s also sounds for the start stop look at this that’s what you’re gonna hear when you turn the car on now look at this beautiful screen it’s actually curved and it’s touchscreen so you can go through this like this and you can put it in different drive modes there are three different drive modes one called efficient another one cool another one Sport and if you put it in efficient mode look at what happens to the lights and the doors you get ambient lighting here and then if you put it in sports mode changes again to red look at this all here underneath the dash screen and on the doors you’ve got all of these little crystal features here as well on the steering wheel and the new BMW logo that you can look at that’s pretty cool and it’s so the light in here I would really love it if this was the case in the serious production car see the glass panel continues all the way from back all the way over and all the way to the front of the car that looks pretty cool now they’re also looking at sustainable materials you guys so this here is something called open pour eucalyptus wood and that is a sustainable wood the other thing is this leather here has been turned using olive leaves so natural substance instead of chemicals and you see just how stripped down the inside of this car is very light breezy airy they want to have that feel inside the car as well as outside because it’s an electric car it’s meant to feel more you know light and airy and more environmentally friendly so that idea of an electric car gets carried into the interior of the car as well all right now horsepower the most important stuff 530 horsepower with this car and that is about the same as what their current v8 BMW engine produces that’s what you’re gonna get in this but it’s going to be fully electric and you get a range of 600 kilometers that’s quite a bit more than their other fully electric car on the market right now which is the i3 now charging it this is the other cool thing everyone’s like oh no one has time to sit around and charge these electric vehicles it’s ridiculous well how long does it take you to fill up your car at the petrol station probably about what five five minutes five to ten minutes get in line fill it up off you go again to get a hundred kilometers out of this car you only have to charge it for six minutes so you can just plug her in get a hundred kilometers on the clock and off you go in a couple of minutes that’s all right and you don’t really have to line up at a petrol station which is nice all right we’re gonna go for a quick Drive Christian’s gonna come in the driver’s seat the driver right we’re going for a little bit of a drive about 15 meters also in that designs what I love is yes this is a concept but 85% of what you see will actually be in the real car on the market next year that is pretty cool now we’re reversing it’s getting more and more exciting hope you enjoyed the video I’m excited to see what the car is actually going to look like once it comes to market let me know your thoughts on the sound the design everything else let me know in the comment section below and make sure to subscribe to the supercar blondie family all right love you guys I think we’re out thanks very much to BMW for putting this whole thing together today and you’ll see you somewhere else in the world with another cool car love you bye

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