The Grand Tour: Lochdown

The Grand Tour: Lochdown


Trinity will travel to picturesque Scotland, where they were already in the first season of the Grand Tour. However, now they will not sit in a tent, but will travel on the defiantly large American “land yachts”.

The coronavirus pandemic and the ensuing lockdowns affected the production of many TV series, films, shows. All this time, Clarkson, Hammond and May were separately engaged in personal projects. Clarkson tried to master the farm, May cooked, and Hammond survived and decided to open a car restoration workshop. However, no one forgot about the Grand Tour either. And now they come together again!

The Trinity went to Scotland. And since they had never been famous for the right choice of cars before, this time everything turned out to be “practical” too. After all, they went to picturesque Scotland with narrow rural paths on classic American “land yachts”.

The trio recently posted a short teaser from the upcoming movie on their TikTok. While crossing some body of water on the right-hand bridge, May managed to get stuck on it in his Cadillac Coupe DeVille. Clarkson rode behind him in his Lincoln Coutinental Mark V. He said that he had a great idea and started to speed up … This is where the teaser ends. So far, only the film crew and Richard Hammond, who was sitting somewhere nearby in his Chrysler Imperial LeBaron Crown Coupe, knows what happened next. And today an official trailer has appeared on the Grand Tour’s YouTube channel.

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The premiere of the new edition of the “Grand Tour” on the streaming service Amazon Prime is scheduled for July 30. A few days after the premiere, an unofficial translation can be expected.

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