The hacker was fined on 12 thousand dollars for trying to fool the traffic cameras


American figured out how to avoid fines from the cameras for violations and unpaid Parking tickets: it is enough to buy license plates, consisting of the word “NULL”. In this case, the system reads the data as “lack of information”.

During the meeting, the hackers DEF CON American con man said that he managed to find a flaw in the system auto-commit violations. If the camera reads the word NULL, the unpaid Parking and other transgressions on the road go unpunished. However, he did not realize that all fines issued to cars with unreadable numbers, automatically come to the person’s registration was NULL sign.


Because of this, six months later he started coming penalties not only for themselves but also for the offenders, whose numbers for some reason were not identified in the system. Thus, the total debt exceeded $ 12.

The driver was forced to contact the local Department of motor vehicle registration and report the incident. Authorities canceled the “other” penalties, however, make adjustments to the system declined. Probably, the motorist will still have to change license plates.

Do you believe in karma?

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