The hammer left a strange collection of 135 cars

The hammer left a strange collection of 135 cars


Earlier this month, the UK hosted the auction NCM Auctions and Asset Management in the course of which at the auction put 135 unusual cars and mopeds as the last century, and relatively modern.

They were all seized in uncertain environments from the hangars that are subject to redevelopment. And none of the machines had no documents, no warranty. The unnamed collector has collected a variety of models. For example, the six-wheeled Range Rover with the extended cab, which is also called Carmichael Commando, at least 10 copies of MG MGB GT, four BMW 635 CSis, a few strange kit cars, three Humber Super Snipes and the Jensen Interceptor III, Toyota Celica GT-Four, a replica of the Ford Escort RS Cosworth. Alfa Romeo GTV and four moped Vesta.


This is not the first time at auction exhibit such a large collection. For example, in September sold 25 exclusive supercars seized from the Vice President of Equatorial Guinea Teodorina Nguema Obiang. And in August, the new owners were looking for 30 of the rarest Porsche cars.

In addition, this summer in Texas found a huge Park, which houses a collection of classic muscle cars, among which were Pontiac GTO Judge with a run of just 3.8 kilometres. And not so long ago put up for sale cars and motorcycles star “fast & Furious” actor Paul Walker.

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