The Hangout w/ CEO of Lamborghini | Ep.1

The Hangout w/ CEO of Lamborghini | Ep.1


This is my new show from home called The Hangout! While most of us are at home and can’t go out to see the coolest cars, I thought id take the opportunity to bring cars to you in your living room. Each show ill get you up to date with some car news you might have missed, some videos and online challenges that’ve gone viral and chat to some interesting peeps via video chat.This show features a Cybertruck update, a Rolls Royce time killer and a word on the MC20In trending news, it’s all about a guy’s self made video on the highway in his La Ferrari, and a Broomstick challenge, which shows just how bored we’ve all become. Today’s video call is with the CEO of Lamborghini Stefano Domenicali to give us an update on the luxury car world in Italy. I hope you enjoy the first show! As we go, things will change and get better (or worse ;-))! Much love to you all from isolation – stay safe and well xx AlexRolls Royce Competiton: Follow me on:

action okay all right here we are what’s up guys at supercar pond er from home this is my kitchen if you want anything to drink just let me know pop it in the comments section I’ll do my best to get something out for you this is so it’s such a crazy time isn’t it so weird my living room has just been set up as a studio welcome to the Hangout and basically we’re all gonna just hang out from our living rooms alright the show is a bit different but don’t worry this channel is known for getting the craziest and the coolest cars first and that’s still what we’re gonna do we have connections to all the major car companies around the world so when something comes out we’re gonna get that footage and give it to you guys here on that they show the Hangout I just want to say first of all a massive warm welcome to all of you who are self isolating and in quarantine and also to those of you who are frontline workers I appreciate you so so much my sister is a frontline worker she’s a nurse so I have a little bit of an insight into what you’re going through and I just want to thank you so so much for protecting us and making sure that we’re all safe and we’re gonna get through this guys because I can’t travel at the moment and I also can’t bring a car into my living room it’s a little bit too small for that unlike my friend who has his Senna in the middle of his living room in Texas check this out crazy I can’t do that so because I can’t bring the cards into my living room I’m gonna bring the cars to you guys if you don’t know I live in Dubai and we are currently on 24-hour lockdown and we have been on lockdown for about three weeks now so we can only leave the house once every three days for any essentials so going shopping or going to a doctor’s appointment and when you leave the house you also need a permit you have to apply through the government and while some people feel like the walls are closing in on them I’m actually thankful for this because it means that we’re all keeping safe you know and now our curve is gonna flatten sooner then if things were open and up and running so that’s the situation currently in Dubai it’s not gonna last forever things are going to change very soon as Dubai kind of starts to open up the country again I just want to focus on the positives what we do have at the moment that’s not the same for everyone for me it’s my health I’m healthy again I had bronchitis for a little while now I’m back to good health the other thing is I get to spend way more time with my family than I ever used to so I’m really appreciating that and thirdly while other people around the world have been boasting about all of the new skills that they’ve been able to learn like guitar or like online doctorates and all of this for me personally I have been doing absolutely nothing for six weeks it sounds ridiculous but I just want those of you who have also been taking this time just to chill a little bit more than usual not to feel bad about it this is probably never going to happen again in our lifetime so to be able to take this opportunity just to chill out a little bit reflect on everything that’s happened and kind of refocus is absolutely fine as well so don’t feel bad if you haven’t picked up a million new skills over the last few weeks here are the main headlines of today’s show in car news Rolls Royce has come up with an awesome way to keep the guys busy during isolation in trending we have got footage of a guy driving around 380 kilometres an hour and for today’s video-call we’re going to be crossing to Italy to speak to the CEO of Lamborghini Stefano to mini Cali you do not want to miss that all right let’s get straight to it all right in car news you guys look all-pro and stuff with notes all right get ready for this there’s an update on the Tesla cyber truck that’s the car that I bought and hopefully we’ll still get delivered within two years also let’s see but there has been an update from Elon Musk as to what changes has happened since they revealed the prototype okay the first thing he indicated was that the cyber truck would float in a tweet he was responding to a guy who said look mate Hin and say look mate but we’re going with that look mate I do a lot of hunting and fishing so can this truck actually go through streams like big bodies of water what’s the deal and he’s like it’s going to be able to float for a while that was his quote no idea what that means the other thing that he tweeted was that the car is gonna be three percent smaller than the original prototype that we saw and also the centerline would be more levels so if you look at this we’ve got an example of the car on the left that was the original prototype and then someone else has mocked up a new version of the cyber truck on the right now you might not be able to see very well what the difference is here between them but you can slightly see that the right version now doesn’t lean forward quite as much as the original prototype that’s pretty much all I can see second thing in car news if you are bored out of your brains and trying to entertain the kids or if you’re looking for something to entertain yourself Rolls Royce has come forward to say kids can now compete to design the Rolls Royce of the future now what is super cool about this is you can submit your design to the Rolls Royce design team they’re going to be looking at all your designs and they’re going to choose a winner now the only thing that you need to know before you put your designs in because I know all of you’re grabbing the closest piece of paper and scribbling something down you cannot be an adult okay you have to be 16 years you’re younger but that doesn’t mean you can’t help out your kids you know on the side just kind of designed their Rolls Royce of the future so you can enter as many times as you want you know what you get if you’re the winner they’re gonna render your car so you’re gonna see what your rolls-royce would look like in a full render that is pretty cool runners-up are gonna get a signed letter from the CEO of Rolls Royce that’s pretty cool you can frame that one hang it on your wall and if you’re in the UK get this I reckon this is the best price you and your mate will be chauffeured to school in a Rolls Royce so when you’ve got your first day of school back you are gonna rock up to school in a Rolls Royce that’s pretty sweet all right third up in car news the MC 20 the Maserati now the release date for this has been pushed back that’s right we know these things have to happen what we were expecting was to see the new MC 20 reveal in May so just in a couple of weeks from now that’s been pushed back now till September if you haven’t heard much about the MC 20 let me just run through a couple of things here with you now this is an exciting car because the Maserati is developing a mid-engine sports car for a long time we’ve seen Maseratis that are more grand tourers you’ve got the engine in the front of the car now we’re gonna see a mid-engine sports car so because the engine has moved from front to behind the back seats it means that the design is gonna be completely different take a look at this we’ve only being able to see pictures so far of this car in its camouflage hopefully by September we’re gonna see those images of the full reveal now this isn’t the first time that Maserati has developed a mid-engined sports car or supercar we have the mc12 this is meant to be like the spiritual successor to the MC 12 but the major major difference here you guys is that Maserati is no longer getting their engines from Ferrari so while the MC 12 was kind of based off the Ferrari Enzo the MC 20 is going to be a hundred percent Maserati so Maserati developed engine and we don’t know full details yet exactly how much horsepower it will have and what it’s going to be but it’s widely believed is going to be a v6 and have some kind of hybrid capabilities and it’s gonna go for around one hundred and sixty thousand dollars a starter moving on guys into trending news so what’s everyone watching around the world especially in these times we have way more time to be kind of looking at viral videos a guy in Germany has taken his laferrari out onto an Autobahn while it’s kind of relatively quiet and clocked up a top speed of 372 kilometers an hour that is madness okay check this out 350 350 454 oh my oh my god this is madness what so the attack he’s just gone past the official top speed of the laferrari which is three hundred and fifty kilometers an hour as he makes his way up to three hundred and seventy two kilometers an hour now you guys this may not seem very fast but I the fastest I ever went was 260 and it feels like a completely different league it’s 372 there he goes he hit it you hit it and he’s going back down again now that’s mad was to as you can see the highway isn’t very busy at all there are a couple of cars going past here and they’re officially you can do this in Germany in some stretches of the Autobahn it is legal to drive as fast as you want not recommended obviously because that can be super super dangerous but there you go that’s what everyone’s watching at the moment all right next up on trending what is going viral on tick-tock what’s everyone doing the challenges I don’t know so I think it’s gonna bring it in and oh god he’s got a broom this is called the broom chance got 1.5 billion 1.5 billion views okay what we have here is dj khaled okay DJ Khaled’s changed some theory in the earth of the gravity theory that same theory there was a theory I was a really because it’s a real theory I don’t see is doing anything is he actually gonna do something Oh standing on the air yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah whether you can make it stand on India okay you know what the secret is to this having a really old broom why it’s perfect what’s the theory men to be God have we’ve really become this bored at home this is tragic isn’t it okay so the theory is if you talk and you stand around it and you talk about the theory for long enough then it’s going to work just like DJ color did so there’s a theory to this yeah there’s a theory that it might work might not work but this is pretty much what you have to do do you be able to get it to stand on its own nope not going to work okay hey Wow oh my god I never knew I’d get something so excited about it I don’t know he’s actually gonna work there you go well we learn new things every day isolation tricks alright guys so go check go try that at home that’s what’s going viral on tick tock at the moment I’m on tick tock I just joined you can join me there as well if you’d like at supercar blondie check it out I’m gonna be doing more tic TOCs this is the cool bit I love speaking to people I don’t get to see too many new people these days so we’re gonna cross now to Italy to the CEO of Lamborghini stefano de mini collie here we go Stephano under can you hear me I can’t hear you yes it’s nice to see you well what are you now Alexandre I’m Dubai where are you I’m in the Dolomites where I ever have so the place is great I’m 40 we are all locked in in the house with the family but there you know it’s at least you’ve got your family and your family are all well yes permit is welded but you know it’s strange in a real situation you know that’s that’s the way it is so we cannot change it have you had to be a teacher yourself have you been pulling your hair out that is not easy I tell you to your teacher knowing the teenager how difficult they are it’s a massive task if I have to go back and do year five maths I don’t reckon I could pass it ah me neither Achilles heel of leave other things hello let me share something with you stefano yeah yeah take a look at this is this what you look like before joining me today on the on the call the one on the left look that is true first of all thank you so much for coming on the show it’s so awesome to have you you know a lot of us are interested in what’s happening with the car world in the last few weeks as you know coronavirus has kind of taken over the world and particularly in italy that really bore the brunt of the coronavirus for some weeks before everyone else started experiencing what was going on so i wanted to talk to you about your experience with lamborghini what lamborghini has been doing and what the future holds for sure as we discover the situation was getting more and more difficult we took the very difficult decision to close the factory so that was the first things because we wanted to protect the people of the company we have been always very very close to our dimension a term of social responsibility and because we had other competence that could be used for the other reason we said why we don’t turn for example the sadly that is closed was closed to make a protection illogical max for the hospital in bologna for example that we’re and are still in a very dramatic situation why we don’t use our 3d printing to put to prepare you know the KD that the masks in order to give to them and that’s why we decided to go ahead with this kind of production just I love being a part of this unfortunate situation given our little contribution as a lot of company are to it to the society and to our world because we are all connected we are all in the same unfortunate situation so that’s what’s really the thing of the ayah so funny just talk to us about how difficult it is to convert a factory that usually manufacturers supercars and is now manufacturing something completely different how do you do that well of course having the Saturday we had the competence of although we even man able to manage different kind of materials we had to make sure that the material were absolutely certified was we had a relationship with the University of Colonia making sure that the certification would have done with their highest standard so when you are making now breathing apparatuses and the face protection shields do you use materials that you’re already using in cars for those products no materials are different at all the tissue that we are using for example for the cuticle mask is a material with the clear specification that as to we had to buy we had to take from the market and then we were using all the materials were needed to be certified for that user so the technology was there material was totally different so what you’re saying is everything that you’ve been producing is purely CSR you guys don’t produce it and then sell it off to hospitals you are purely producing and donating at all absolutely yes 100% what about your staff are you able to still use most of your staff to be able to be in the factories producing this new stuff or did you have yes they are all all done by our stuff so all the people that are working on that in this project are our employees there was such an incredible responsiveness in term of positivity to be able to be part of this project was really fantastic we are really looking forward to restart our work we are waiting for the Italian government to to give the signal that we can move ahead we should be able to restart come let’s say from the may divorce are you just gonna go full back to 100% production are you gonna slowly start increasing that while you can maintain social distancing how is that going to work I think I guarantee is that in term of production we’re going to be ready for a full restart if the logistics chain is there with the materials and so on because that’s the most important critical parts also we need to make sure that and we are encounter daily with our suppliers that because the flow materials to come if he’s not coming we cannot produce so it’s quite a long chain tier 1 supplier means that the one that we have a direct relation where they are more than 2800 if you go to tier 2 2 3 4 we are talking about thousands of suppliers so we need to see if everything is there with a right quantity with the right moment that we can so it’s quite country is not you know deciding tonight the starting back tomorrow but in any case internally in term of production we’re going to be ready to start again immediately because the good things that I can say is that so far you know our order backlog is still very very solid our customers ABBA I’ve understood the situation they have to wait a bit longer and what was the plan but that’s a food situation the demand for cars in the market you know sales numbers have kind of plunged in March across Europe and it’s expected to be similar in April so the worse because there’s no production March oh there was a little bit of change of logistic moving around but up April for the world of manufacturing in other words automotive it would be even worse what would you like to see you know regulators or the country do to try and spur on the the sales of cars you know there have been a few different measures taken after the financial crisis in onine you know like trading in were pretty much worthless cars and they get some kind of cash back for that to be able to buy up and and buy a new car is there something that you would like to see the government put into place let’s divide into two things one is the super sport car that is a niche that is a different situation because of course if you compare the crisis of 2008 here we are not talking about a crisis of system thank you system in surprises or liquid is a crisis of an ocean at the beginning I think the beginning would be you need to go back to the mood of by these kind of goods and I think that assume that the mood will be back the the market of a shoe or the luxury will be back up in a quicker time different is that is the segment of that let me put in this way that the normal cars because that’s something that will ever a different situation of course the most affected people would be there let’s say the normal people that have they are not working since in many many weeks so we need to make sure that the government is is really pushing for the restart of the system so it would be fundamental otherwise you know people will start to to spend money at the beginning with they need this more than necessary on the other hand I see a potential because at the mainly as I said in the short term in the next short well in the next six to ten or one year time people needs to travel alone or was to keep the social distance so what is the best what is better than a car to do that is there anything else like you’d like to add to the conversation when it comes to looking at the car market in future there are lots of people watching right now some of them are uncertain about going forward so I think that we need to stay positive knowing that we have to overcome a quite tough time the lesson learned that we don’t have to miss is in this moment we have understood one thing we cannot live alone we are in such a global world that if we believe that everyone can do its own things and without been affecting the other or without being affected forget it this is a clear message everyone at the beginning when that we saw the one situation in China was saying ah you know where it’s far away yeah forget it and this is a lesson learned well we need to begin new protocols a new procedure a new way of working better together yeah and just be positive about the circumstances that we we are in in that we’re seeing more of our family members perhaps perhaps more than we’d like to be and our kids used I mean I never been and I never stay at um for so many days in my life so then that’s another way I’ve seen the things that’s good exactly exactly well thank you so much for coming on the show so far no it’s been so nice to see you the only faces I’ve seen for the past six weeks been my husband and my mom and dad on skype and that’s it so it’s nice to see a fresh face that’s great thank you the same for me Alexander so thank you for your time I sell out to everyone that is following a your beautiful show fantastic show and let’s hope that together we’re gonna relaunch you know this kind of spirit also together with your positivity with your information channel with everything that you are doing in our industry is very very important thank you very much see you get straight back to it and please give us any updates that you have in the next few weeks and we’re gonna be following it very closely thanks thanks thank you that was awesome ah got to see a new face fresh face thank you so so much to Stefano for joining us here on the Hangout now guys every week we’re gonna be having someone on the show a via video call so if you have any ideas who you would like to hear from or see on the show just pop those names in the comment section below this video and we’ll try and get as many of those people on the show as possible that’s pretty much it for the Hangout we’re gonna leave you on this note the company behind the London metro has announced that they’re likely to go bankrupt by the end of the month if they don’t get government funding but don’t worry about that through that news out the window because in positive news we can now take our cars down to the petrol station and not only get them to fill up our tank for free but they will pay you to fill up your car tank so don’t worry about public transportation why because the oil price for the first time ever has fallen below zero dollars they are literally having to pay people to take the oil out of their hands this is crazy never ever ever happened before that’s it that’s the hangout I hope you enjoyed all of the different car news coming in from around the world thanks for hanging out with me in my living room and my kitchen we’re back to doing absolutely nothing alright guys enjoy and we’ll see you on the next show love you til next time by the way I forgot something if you haven’t yet seen my TV show it’s called car cruise with supercar blondie you can now watch it absolutely free you just need to download the insight TV app you’ll get a 30-day free trial and you can watch all six episodes all right go binge it let me know what you think bye

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