This is the hardest car in the world to drive! The $3.25m DB4 GT Continuation 🤯😵 Thanks to Tomini Classics 🙏#DB4GT #astonmartin

okay rear suspension reacts all right we’re gonna remove the rear for trailing links nuts and bolts all right we’re going to start there i’ve already done that step now in here we have everything we need right yes nice lots and lots of wrenches from aston martin nice and then here we’ve got something else we might need i think i’m gonna need this right here all right okay all right gotta fix my race car right here okay no i’m not going to touch it i wouldn’t dare this is actually a brand new old car and i’m going to tell you exactly what makes this car so special right this is actually called the db4 gt continuation this car here is brand new built brand new by aston martin but it looks exactly like the dv4 gt from 1959 so it’s a continuation model so what they’ve done is they have rebuilt the exact db4gt from the late 50s except for a few things the engine they’ve upgraded the engine uh you’ve got better suspension better brakes a different gearbox and you’ve got things like this as well fully carbon fiber racing bucket seats they are super cool but other than that if you step back and you look at this there is really no way of knowing that this is actually a car built in 2018 and not 1959. they made 75 of these babies this car became legendary because aston martin’s top racing driver sir sterling moss took this baby out on the track in silverstone and actually won the race the first time that this car appeared on the track so it became legendary and a hugely popular collector’s item but they only ever made 75 now they have made an extra 25 to take that number up to 100 why 100 because originally they were meant to make 100 of these babies now where are we where it’s classics here in dubai and this is actually for sale you will not find one of these babies readily for sale this is a very very special moment so i had to come right down here and go ah i need you guys to know about this originally if you were to pick up a 1959 model right of this car it would cost you about three to four million dollars today this one which is fully rebuilt has brand new parts but all aston martin original is now for sale for 3.25 so this is actually in effect a newer better car but it’s not as expensive as the original in 1959. however if you find a super super rare one like for example the very very first uh db4 gt that came off the production line in 1959 that one actually sold a few years ago for nearly seven million dollars so this one right here 3.25 bargain mate bargain now what you do get and not many people know this is yeah this box very nice looking box come on down cause the price is right miguel is the man here at temini classics ask for miguel if you come in he’s a great guy miguel i need some help so you get this right here as well now what’s inside yeah i know what’s inside what’s inside box number two okay here we go oh god that’s quite heavy isn’t it look you have spare tires so what they’ve done is they’ve given you everything that you need to be able to uh race this car on the tracks they want people to actually be able to take this baby on the track and feel what it was like to drive this car back in 1959. easily the most difficult post-war sports car i’ve ever touched it is more difficult than any lamborghini yeah including the countach yeah it is more difficult than a ferrari daytona which is a heavy heavy clutch you have to find your find the right moment to shift the gear the right rpm the right speed it’s you really have to spend time and get to know the car to do to get a hack at it it’s really yeah see i quite like that because all of all the supercars that i’m driving today the very modern ones are so easy to drive you know and sometimes it can get a little bit samey you hop in you push the start button off you go paddle shift whatever there’s nothing really to think of this one you need to master yes this is a car that you build your skill towards that’s quite cool it’s not a car that does everything for you not at all yeah so we’re going to attempt to drive it or i’m going to attempt to drive it that should be interesting all right so what i quite like about this car also is look they’ve even the detail is so incredible on this car just like the original everything is hand painted including these signs here and you can actually see the brush strokes on this sign this is the kill switch this is the extinguisher just in case something happens on the track you can quickly push those buttons they have put in so much time to make this exactly like the original they’ve actually put in 500 man hours for each one of these cars just before we attempt to drive this car i keep saying we because i feel like it needs more than one person to drive before i attempt to drive this car let me show you the engine so i’ve got to pop it over here actually right so this you will not really be able to see a difference between this and the one back in 59. the difference though is this one is a bit higher powered so the original was a 3.7 liter flat 6 with just over 300 horsepower this one right here is a 4.2 liter flat six so now it pumps out about 340 horsepower so you’ve got a little bit more power than the original got it can’t be delicate with these can we just get someone to hold it no wonder i don’t review classics too often i just look like a total numpty all the time this is very special now now as you can see you’ve got the roll uh cage here because of course this was originally made to be a race car the roll cage everywhere it’s like quite quite an intense roll cage look this is just so soft and so deluxe look at this guys you’ve only got four gears you got reverse one two three four and this is apparently the world’s hardest car to drive should we do this now also the speedometer isn’t working it’s meant to but it’s perfectly imperfect like the original you can switch on the electrics with this green button and then you turn the car on here’s the key let me show you the key look it’s just i love these old school keys they’re like house keys isn’t that cool all right now where where where where where where it would be here okay now all right just a second okay ready it sounds awesome doesn’t it because i don’t want to um run into any of your other multi-million dollar cars in here you do the honors get it out and then i’ll drive yeah that doesn’t give me much hope he’s driven every classic car under the sun oh this should be interesting hey that wasn’t too bad to be fair that was pretty good that was pretty good when i hear a clunk i’m in first gear hey clunk that’s how it is you know i’m trying to balance the watch me oh it’s fast too holy moly if you took off with this thing you’d be surprised this is awesome like if you actually own this car this could be a real hobby like just getting to learn to drive this car which is never the case anymore in cars you just get in and drive them this is fun oh look i got it straight in i got the clunk oh i’m so excited by mate oh this oh i nearly lost it okay let’s try and get it in reverse that’s the power non-existent oh my god i’m exhausted i don’t need to go to the gym today oh my god i would never want to actually drive this in traffic until i got to know the car no oh well i gotta drive it now for instagram and facebook and tick tock so how about we say that’s enough for youtube if you want to go see me stall it again you can go watch my instagram and my facebook and my tick tock and my snapchat alright okay sorry that’s it let’s turn her off a bit loud sounds great though didn’t it i love having a kill switch that’s so epic thank you so much for watching my goodness that was difficult but a lot of fun i love how you have to master something like this because the cars i get to drive today i just just don’t have this much character thank you so much to tamimi classics for having me down today and letting me drive this thanks for watching like the video subscribe to the supercar blondie fam and we’ll see you on the next video love you bye you

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