The head of Bentley called the timing of the appearance of the first electric car

The head of Bentley called the timing of the appearance of the first electric car


Bentley CEO Adrian hallmark shared perspectives of the production of electric vehicles in an interview with Automotive News Europe. The premiere of the first electric Bentley will be held at the earliest in 2025, and the British brand intends to create a fundamentally new model, and not to transfer to electric existing.

Hallmark hinted that the first electric Bentley can divide the architecture of the PPE with Taycan Porsche and Audi e-tron GT, but refrained from details. The boss of the British brand have made it clear that Bentley will try to use solid-state batteries instead of ordinary batteries, as this technology will save up to 30 percent of the mass, without losing capacity.


Hallmark emphasized that the dimensions of electric Bentley can be a little more compact than current models, but the interior of the electric car “will retain the size and will meet the standards of the brand”.

Although firm Bentley could take one of the existing models and translate it to electric, hallmark sure that this path is not suitable for customers with the British brand because of the unavoidable compromise in terms of efficiency and cruising range on a single charge.

During the interview, the head of Bentley has not touched upon the translation of the current line of hybrid traction, although electrified Bentayga is already sold in Europe. It is expected that in future rechargeable hybrid version will get the Continental GT coupe and Flying Spur sedan.

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