The head of BMW M promised more glowing “nostrils”

The head of BMW M promised more glowing “nostrils”


The CEO of BMW M sports division Frank van Mil told Driving how the Bavarians see the design of future models. The luminous radiator grill will become an iconic element. This decision has already been received by the BMW XM concept – the most powerful crossover of the brand with an unusual appearance, which caused a flurry of criticism. Anyway, it will go into production almost unchanged, and in the future “we will definitely see more illuminated radiator grilles,” promised van Mil.

Now the designers and engineers of BMW are just defining the elements and materials that will be used in the brand’s new products. Apparently, they are going to design them with an eye on the XM: in addition to the backlit grille, BMW and BMW M cars will get narrower headlights with elements in the form of half-bombs, hidden behind tinted glass.

Almost simultaneously with van Miel’s interview, images of the i3 electric sedan, published by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, appeared on the Web. The model will essentially be a “battery” version of the 3-Series: its exterior is decorated according to the previous scheme, except for the glowing plug in place of the radiator grill.

However, the BMW XM presented at the end of November has a number of other design elements that seemed controversial to fans. The concept got an angular body, giant curved lights, stern and rear window of an intricate shape. It is not yet known whether they will “move” to other models, but the production version of the hybrid XM will retain more than 90 percent of the show car’s design.

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