The head of Jeep trolled Ford because of problems with the roof of the Bronco

The head of Jeep trolled Ford because of problems with the roof of the Bronco


Various problems with the quality of workmanship of the roof of the revived Bronco have been a headache for Ford for several months. The outer surface of the roof is covered with patterns, and the inner skin is not neat – cut more than necessary, has uneven edges and deforms around the fasteners. To solve the problem, Ford will replace all the roofs, and competitors like Jeep are not missing out on opportunities to laugh at this.

During an interview with Detroit News, Jeep US executive Jim Morrison mentioned the problems of his main competitor. “It’s raining on Saturday, so I don’t think we’ll see any Bronco this weekend,” said a senior executive while driving the Wrangler 4xe hybrid SUV. The revived Ford Bronco has been hailed as the first true rival to the Jeep Wrangler in years, but Morrison is confident Jeep owners will remain loyal to the brand. He also talked about how the Wrangler SUV remains popular even after decades of global presence.

“It’s every customer’s love for our brand and community because, frankly, competitors can’t copy that,” Morrison said. “There are three million Wrangler owners in our community. Perhaps in 80 years we will have problems, but I think that our customers will always support Jeep with great enthusiasm, ”added the top manager. Ford, meanwhile, noted that it has revised its contract with the hardtop supplier for Bronco to ensure that quality requirements are met.

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