The head of Tesla became the “Person of the Year” according to Time

The head of Tesla became the “Person of the Year” according to Time


The American Time magazine named the winner of the traditional nomination “Person of the Year”. It turned out to be Elon Musk, the head of Tesla, who this year became the richest man in the world, ousted Amazon owner Jeff Bezos. However, this is not the only merit that the magazine appreciated: in addition to his fast-growing fortune, Musk was praised for his positive impact on the environment, the development of the space industry and even tweets.

A businessman associated with the auto industry received the title for the first time since 1928, when Walter Percy Chrysler, the founder of the corporation of the same name, was placed on the cover of Time. That year, Chrysler teamed up with Dodge to begin construction on the iconic Chrysler Building in New York.

In Time, Musk was called a man who “seeks to save our planet and at the same time find us a new one to inhabit,” meaning the activities of his aerospace company SpaceX, which bypassed Boeing and other rivals in the industry. Among the many epithets that the magazine used to describe the businessman are “clown, genius, poseur, visionary, industrialist and showman.” In addition, the magazine noted his activities in the development of artificial intelligence and cryptocurrencies, as well as his activity on Twitter.

However, Time also remembered negative aspects. Among them are poor working conditions at Musk’s factories and concerns about their frequency with accidents with Tesla, which are blamed on the proprietary autopilot. The businessman’s skeptical attitude towards the coronavirus at the beginning of the pandemic and his reluctance to close factories, which resulted in conflicts with the authorities, also did not go unnoticed.

Elon Musk became the richest man in the world (and in history) at the end of October. The Tesla and SpaceX founder’s fortune reached a record $ 271.3 billion, and the total capitalization of Musk’s two corporations exceeded a trillion dollars.

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