The head of Volkswagen Group suddenly stood up for Tesla

The head of Volkswagen Group suddenly stood up for Tesla


CEO of Volkswagen Group Herbert Diess stood up for the Californian manufacturer of electric cars Tesla.

During the presentation of the new generation of hatchback Golf Diss communicated with journalists. As writes Automotive News, during the conversation, he was asked if he thinks that the financial problems of “Tesla” are related to the fact that the company is too small. In response, the head of German concern became angry and rather abruptly replied that the company does not consider Tesla’s “niche”.

“Model 3 is a large-scale model. In addition, Tesla is one of the largest manufacturers of batteries for electric vehicles. We have a lot of respect “Tesla”, is a competitor, which we treat extremely seriously,” said Diss.


A month ago, Tesla CEO Elon Musk in his Twitter has published a rather flattering tweet in the address of Herbert Diess. He wrote that the head of the Volkswagen Group makes for electrifying more than any other major automaker, and that he supports him in it.

It is difficult to say what will this veneer of courtesy from the heads of the two companies, which compete on the market of electric vehicles. We should not forget that in the summer of 2017 Diss it, being the head of the only company Volkswagen, said that the brand “will stop Tesla” because she has “features that are not Americans”.

After the scandal with desligada the group changed the policy of electrification in the next five years, promised to launch a series of at least 20 electric models to be sold with a circulation of not less than a million copies a year. The “Tesla” business is also going downhill – last week, the company reported a quarterly profit, after its shares jumped 18 percent.

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