The Hulk of Monaco Surprised Me With This | ft. GMK001

The Hulk of Monaco Surprised Me With This | ft. GMK001


I’m in Monaco where I meet with GMK001, I call him the Hulk! His friend Rana brought 4 cars to France and needed help to drive them across the border into Monaco. This is what happened.GMK 001- Follow me on:Music by:Another Close Class – Trout RecordingTime & Place – Johnny Hwin

literally driving on the f1 track right now that is so cool what’s our supercar blondie here in Monaco we are gonna go meet gmk he is a youtuber and a supercar owner and then we have got a crazy delivery happening big big shout out to my supercar blondie family thank you very much for subscribing to my channel and if you haven’t yet just make sure to click that button below the video right now click the bell so that you’re one of the first people to see my videos out ok god don’t get run over we’re meeting him at the Grand Casino in Monaco this is like the James Bond the casinos listen guys if you ever come to Monaco you just literally hang out in front of the casino and you’ll see more supercars in an hour than you’ve seen in your entire life it’s crazy alright there’s something special right here this is the four eight eight piece dirt spider oh alright this is GM pay guys hello um a little bit taller than I am Nikki gonna have to just work the camera so up and down up and down we will welcome your shoulders yeah good workout the GM K has a friend here who is delivering four of his supercars to Monaco and he doesn’t have enough drivers for all of his supercars in Monaco you’re not allowed to bring a truck into the city to offload the car so what you’ve got to do is you’ve got to go and meet your supercars at the border and then have drivers to be able to drive them into Monaco to the French border which is like only like a five-minute drive away away like more than 15 minutes 10 15 minutes to the French border I I didn’t know this like I knew Monaco was really small but it is the second smallest country in the world and it is two kilometers squared 20 kilometers that’s crazy it’s like such a high concentration of supercars in this country I don’t really see anything what’s it because maybe I should live here we’ve got four super cars coming and now we’ve got four drivers yes exactly exactly this is what problems to have Hey not enough drivers for all your super cuts we need moderator so if you want to be the next one put in the comments I want to be driver will pick up oh yeah pick someone for the next delivery into Monaco in your quite big I have to put my camera did one exist if you would just bend down old video that would be let’s rock the block don’t do my fairness at me co-op wait I would stay Mabel exists yeah I could just be yeah now we’re the same size we’re gonna go in the Bentley yeah Hotel de to come here my friend Rana is the collector of all of these cars you know a bit of charity work we’re helping him you know you could teach enough enough drivers to be able to bring all these cars back to Monaco so you know we just put our hands up and said you know what wheels will all stop everything we we otherwise had planned today because for you it’s everything that exists well he’s coming to Monaco always at least five forecast following even though he’ll face girls because he loves thing to even he’s sharing with his friends you know I have like eight girls and every time I Drive his girls more than mine on when this video yeah yeah it’s just something different I’m feeling fun so because you guys have very different cars tell us which cause do you have to just run through the list afterwards for for a Bentley GT super sports men Tiger c63s ever six SLS what stone am I gonna run out of fingers you got three left otherwise it’s all like RS free after I don’t speak about okay so eight eight girls I Shawn eight in public yeah on social media eight girls I’ve taught some guys they keep like when I don’t when I’m like yeah yeah you want to go fly under the radar I get you but they saw you ate dozens or something yeah yeah I have one join the family subscribe and we will get some to GM Ches level at some point next time we meet I’ll be running through all of my cars I might have to do you spend more time driving cars or more time in the gym I used to spend more time in the gym but now I just want like to drive cars and have fun and after after the video oh man I think your arms are like bigger than my legs no that’s crazy it’s not because of gym is because of how things are the same oh of course yeah I know I have massive arms for that reason it’s all the galaxy yes yeah have the hurricane Pittsburgh yeah yeah she just got a new paint job recently her name is Lucy do you name your cars all right to do this wedding we are just being offloaded svj baby already got an SV off I think runner likes Lamborghinis it’s going to throw it out there I just wanted to know why you had to s B’s you know if you love God yeah you don’t get about to Lambos are better than one yeah guys I got the answer two Lamborghinis are better than one stupid obviously okay that’s cool so he’s got the coop and the roads day like stop driving the roadster and then the SVG doesn’t come in a roadster version yet so as soon as that happens he’s gonna get the roadster as well and then kind of work out whether it needs or for which car would you like to drive that’s beautiful that’s v j8 one to take up a there are so many choices okay this is the thing I’ve drew and it has to be a few times I’ve never driven that svj can I take it we ain’t sure oh my god I totally forgot oh my god you’re right my new TV show I drove an SPG in Las Vegas but let’s drive one again you know what it’s gonna be a whole new experience because this one’s in yellow thank you very much that is amazing you guys oh my god sometimes see this is the thing I Drive a car the next day I Drive another car it’s just gone but they’re gonna sandwich me ah let me rephrase that they’re going to sandwich me in the n3j does that make sense they’re going to sandwich the svj between two SVS with you in it with me in it so sv svj with me in a sv and then we’ve got the eight twelve and then we’ve got the rolls as well coming let’s go these cars have been shipped in from England and that’s why they right-hand-drive so I’m going to be driving a right-hand drive car in a country where it should be on my left so that’s gonna be interesting I think we’re just gonna shut down Monaco like just straight-up traffic is gonna start it’s like if you dropped a boulder on the road every time it shoes I was told not to make too much noise otherwise the car could be confiscated I don’t know how that’s possible I live in an FPGA it’s just not at all I’ve been in some awesome convoys but I’ve never been in a convoy where one guy owns all the cars and we are literally just the drivers f-1 just finished but they’ve got all of the signs still up all the markings on the road that is awesome yeah this is my new cart I just got all of my final designs centimeter in Monaco for approval and yeah it’s all beautifully stitched now highest quality I’ve been working on the quality for about nine months and the design for about nine months it’s actually super difficult to get really high end caps with exactly the right stitching and everything so this is my white SB and I like this as well the trim here in gray I’ve got a cooler one you’ve got blue sea this is a limited edition yeah so I’m only gonna be producing a few of these they’re going to be limited so you have to get in quick to get one and I am starting to manufacture them now so within a month they’re going to go live they’re gonna drop and they’re going to be ready for sales I cannot wait for you guys to become part of supercar Gandhi family I would die if I saw someone wearing my Lucy cap somewhere in the world and I’m just driving I would literally scream at you that’ll be so cool Lucy if you’ve just joined my family here on YouTube and you haven’t seen much of Lucy yet she’s my Lamborghini Huracan and that’s the paint that I have on her now that is her design so I’ve made caps too much Luci my hurricane and the rioting here on the front is in the Lamborghini font so same L as Lamborghini that’s it look where we ended up how beautiful is this oh my god massive thanks to gmk father let me adjust the camera thanks for coming thank you so much it was so nice to meet you and thanks to run off as a girl yes and I was just about to say thanks to rano who does not want to be seen he’s kind of off in the background – who’s there well those he’s back yeah so thank you very much cerana as well for letting me be one of your drivers today getting your cars into Monaco and I hope you liked the video just give us a quick thumbs up remember to join the supercar blondie family just click the subscribe button right now and we’ll see you on the next vid go check out his channel his link to the channel is in the description below right we’re out love ya

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