The Hypercar With No Gearbox – Koenigsegg Regera!!

The Hypercar With No Gearbox – Koenigsegg Regera!!


I’m getting to drive the first delivered Koenigsegg Regera. This car has no gearbox and is hybrid with 1500HP! The car uses The Koenigsegg Direct Drive transmission (KDD) and replaces the combustion engine’s traditional transmission. Big thanks to Dan (@dan_am_i) for letting me take it for a spin!Follow me on:Music by Haze

it’s off its super Gandhi I’m really excited today I’m going to learn how to drive a rig era a Koenigsegg rig era the first Ruggero that has ever been delivered that’s right here and we’re gonna learn to drive it together what’s going to happen first is a technician flown in from Koenigsegg in Sweden it’s going to teach me how to drive the car and then I’m gonna get behind the wheel this is all thanks to dan dan am I you are a champion thank you so so much for letting me drive your car this is a real moment for me windows go down and then the door goes off no oh okay okay okay so it’s fully automated all right let’s get him we’re going out we’re going out never gara this car actually has no gearbox it has one year well it doesn’t even really have a gear it has like one driving mode so the acceleration is completely linear there’s no changing gears which is a really one search no other car has leaves you either put it in drive mode and it just drives without changing gears anything or reverse and that’s it that has just has the two driving modes okay this is how you I don’t know it’s like takin over push this button down and pull this Cali style bottom these ready early it says it’s been made for someone right so it says made for no this is not this is just Christian Montana okay and usually you can get your name there right and made for someone yeah because he doesn’t want his so this one says one of eighty at the top there this is the first one for a customer actually so first ruggero I’ll do it we both have no idea of what these roads lead to so we’re gonna get lots of adventure it’s an adventure in over Gera is there a leash yes it has hair on the steering wheel okay the press that was yasya – that it’s live done it’s going up so lift in the front and the back oh it lifts the whole car yeah a little bit more in the front that’s came seen handy Niles present autumn again and it goes down just straight you’re never driving purely on the electric motor no you don’t you can do it like yeah if you go reverse you’re all let’s do it it’s always yeah okay and you can do it very slowly if you got a day take it up on a trailer or something like that yeah very first response in this car I could see it on there to wait for its cartridge if things are just it just goes that’s electrically and you know feel there yeah in the beginning here we are back at storage and with a couple of minor tweaks I’m then gonna go getting behind the wheel so it’s very exciting it’s actually really easy to drive a Granik stick it out hop in put it in drive mode and off we go you just need to be able to handle the power okay I am pumping out oil he went into turtle mode they had to replace the battery on the car so I think the car is just getting used to the replacement so it’s restricting the power of the car so of what you can actually see I thought he was joking is like it’s in total mode a monkey a good one because it was still really super fast and then I looked on the dashboard and actually a little turtle came up on the dashboard because the powers been restricted while it’s kind of sorting itself out so the technical the engineer is on it now fixing it so that it’s going to be at full power when I get behind the wheel what’s the normal mode is that like dissolves Robert no wait it really actually has so it just has total mode and then it end in normal mode it’s there’s no animal from normal mode okay this is the key it’s actually magnetic and it fits right in here nice little spot for it so this car has no gearbox it has a one drive mode complete linear acceleration on if you see these paddle shifts on cars usually this is upper gear and this one over here is usually down a gear in this car this is drive mode and this one the minus is actually reverse so it’s just drive reverse okay so this is how you start the rig era just press these once the ignition comes on and then put on the brake and then press the started button once more you may be my Messiah it’s so easy so easy to drive it feels like it belongs on the road and I’m sure it feels the same way when you’re on the track that it belongs on the track which is quite incredible to have a car that feels completely at home on the roads and then completely the same way when you’re going 300 400 kilometres what is so cool can you show this I’ve just got the indicator on look it’s the Koenigsegg logo it’s a hybrid so it has three electric motors and a standard petrol engine and they’re constantly working together to increase the performance of the car awesome those button oh yeah let’s do so when I when I pour both paddles back it goes into neutral and then it put spark on automatically so just turn it off just one plate here it’s like weak you gotta be are you gonna stand out of the way so two clicks here so it’s a sequence that’s why this is the ghost button right here I’m going to push this watch what happens so you can either open everything up separately or one to cliffs of the ghost button everything opens up together all right I hope you’ve enjoyed this just as much as I have the first time ever driving or Agera big big thanks to Dan and we’ll see on the next vlog please like the vods subscribe to my channel we’ve got so much more cool stuff coming love you

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