The iconic Mini Moke SUV will be an electric car

The iconic Mini Moke SUV will be an electric car


The iconic Moke SUV, which has been resumed by Moke International, will be deprived of its internal combustion engines from 2022. Orders for a petrol modification of the model equipped with a 1.1-liter engine are accepted until December 31, 2021.

It is clarified that the electric Moke will be offered in both right- and left-hand drive versions. The vehicle will be powered by a single 45-horsepower electric motor located on the rear axle. Such a power plant will allow the 800-kg model to accelerate from standstill to 55 km / h in 4.5 seconds, as well as develop a top speed of 100 km / h.

There is no data yet on the capacity of the battery, but the declared power reserve of the electric car is 143 kilometers. It will take four hours to fully charge the Electric Moke through the Type 2 connector.

The production of electric Moke will be established at the factories of the Fablink Group, located in six counties in the UK. The assembly process will involve about 700 people. Given the left-hand drive version, Moke International expects the car to appeal to Continental European customers as well.

Orders for the electric Moke are open now, with a price tag of £ 29,150. The first buyers will receive their cars in the summer of 2022.

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