The incident with the Model 3: during testing of NCAP China, something went wrong

The incident with the Model 3: during testing of NCAP China, something went wrong


Published test results of the China NCAP on passive safety the most popular model Tesla

At the time, Tesla Model 3 has been crash tested in the U.S. insurance Institute for highway (IIHS) perfectly. All the body parts of the dummy are different kinds of collisions were marked in green, that is, the level loads without any damage, high – bruises from the straps. Upon impact on a rigid barrier with a small overlap (25%), driver side, lower leg and foot of the dummy seated in the driver’s seat, experts IIHS painted in yellow color to indicate that load is, but until it fractures away. Apparently this was due to the relatively large displacement ago the lower part of the pillar. In addition, the rating from “green” to “yellow” was reduced and the mounting of the child seat, because the middle section of the sofa of the second row is not equipped with bottom hooks, but only the top “tethered”. In short, it is because crash tests IIHS considered the most tough concerns for Tesla Model 3 Chinese Assembly did not arise. In vain!


Recall that in China NCAP adopted a four-step color gradation evaluation – as well as the IIHS, the fact that Euro NCAP – 5-speed. So, for a frontal impact with 40 percent overlap, which in the European NCAP this year was canceled (for the last two decades, almost all manufacturers have learned to cope with it perfectly well), from 30 points experts have accrued only 11.5 V and is not a deployed frontal airbag (side did the trick). More precisely, she shot plastic, but not filled with gas to protect the driver.

A rear impact the car proved to be incomparably better, but still not perfectly: out of 30 possible points here already accrued 23. And here side kick “train” went flawlessly, having received not only the overall highest score, but also the best scores for each item in the section “driver protection” and in the section “protecting the customers”. Conducted in China and test the strength of the roof – with the driver’s side throw on top of the cargo. The roof has worked fine, but for the protection of pedestrian during the impact assessment has been lowered primarily due to the unsafe design of the hood. If a pedestrian is when hit hits it on the head – will not find more than 25 points accrued only 11,393. As for the protection of legs and torso, here the situation is slightly better: 4,393 points out of 6 possible.

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