I’m visiting Dubai International Motorshow 2017, where I get up close with the 5000 HP Devel Sixteen, Mercedes’s new Project One, Aston Martin’s Valkyrie, VW’s Concept car Budd-E and the international launch of the new ZR1 CorvetteFor more on Devel Sixteen visit

so we just got QV Dubai Motor Show and we’re going to see some insane horse Longley actually actually my channel so she loves he’s just hijacking a balloon and we’re gonna see cars such as Valkyrie project one coach with once they’re all sixteen devil sixteen there are some amazing Japanese cars here as well we don’t often see the souped-up Japanese Japanese shop going and what I do it’s so beyond me the Japanese car so there is Sonia and is amazing like bright gold one so we’re gonna show you that one oh my god it was very much soup that’s going do you know where you going yes why you have like special access plus maybe paradise these pervert where is paradise paradise there it is it’s right up there the bah-bah-bah greets there she is the Valkyrie pretty sleep from the outside when you open this door you realize it’s not gonna be this is going to be a lot more than my I’m not sure how to approach this is it the street so we receive on the streets very very soon in just a couple of about what’s gonna drive us I’m loving this when he ever like lie down everyone says to drive like against I do always for the cello I didn’t write back now these colors will be made for me and how I Drive look at this like just chillin Cosmoprof brother one thing we don’t here know about this car okay we know that it looks difficult to get into but that makes it all fun they’ve been super easy then it’s no fun at all we’ve got to know the price every okay now let’s talk about speech why we know it has a thousand I think I think our design team that their ambition is to make sure the car is competitive with an f1 car you’re saying that if you put this car actually simulation that’s what we find our ambition you should get very close six weeks we don’t open here about once a month so this is going to be wait in 2019 like never this is what you’re going to put on the front of the car if the customer – really lightweight solution then that’s down to microns it’s a laser cutter and then we’ll lacquer over the top so there’s no air resistance on the car oh wow so it’s not actually a sticker is it very fine aluminium look at that guys so this is really when you’re talking about weight this is this is what it comes down to yes absolutely these these tiny little details like this so to the front of the car instead of the original motif funding we may not know about this electric engine went on going with a phone library here but it is there just to give me that extra bit of torque at the heights right solutely is designed to get us from not and then the beater I’ll fix it straight after that also tables is to remove birth gear from the gearbox so the electric motor acts we’ve got a very special acid in absolutely this is this is the vanquish s pearl edition so this is one of the last we’ve sent to our Barry James bond-esque Vicki revision I love it back in the UK and they build just 10 pieces solid silver wings on the front with mother-of-pearl inlay mother-of-pearl running right the way through the as well as the rotaries are wrong the whole to the history of region exactly that is beautiful has a and sort of satin finish to it so when you say you’ve only built ten in this region this region and for any other reason Otis is just you won’t find this car anywhere because of the pelvis train here in this region you know how I feel about the vanquishes this car blew my mind when I drove it in Switzerland so now it’s got an extra touch the pearl overlays let’s go check it out yeah so there’s this solid silver mother-of-pearl can you guys see that front and rear is so cool yeah very deep Oh pearl paint on this yes look at these stitching in here isn’t that shot stunning check this out we’re gonna curl motif here on the headrest everything just has like a pearl sheen to it I’m not sure if you can see this on camera but even the chairs have like this pearly kind of shine here we are one of 10 that made especially for this region to pay homage to the incredible pearl industry here Aston Martin’s Q division how James Bond of them is all this surely this is sixteen four at a time as of next year they reckon so this is the devil I’m gonna make three different version about 2,000 the next motion is going to have about 3,000 horsepower but it is adjustable which means are going to have some kind of a dial that you can adjust inside the car to one of them up the horsepower or little [ __ ] yo and he’s going to be pulled but they’re all going to look the right I know that’s what you want 26 million of dollars then I works up to 1.8 and then all the way up to a woman Britta roll call Finnell they have known really to the inside they showed me in because they want how luxurious and how spacious the inside is going to be because with most supercars you are squish you know you’ve only got this much room with your feet do is make it super super luxurious and hugely spacious inside like some incredible supercar so sleek outside design Wow let’s go on a journey shall we okay guys I don’t know if you can see this but that interior space is ridiculously large this is what they’re trying to capture here they’re trying to make a massive car inside and then a super sleek sports car on the outside we bigger Division the diaper look at all of these space-like and it’s always like Russian said in a Rolls Royces don’t take this one and it’s going to have some floating stories up the track how crazy you see there’s no different and the actual car it’s the lowest car they have how incredible devil 16 now we are making our way down that this road took one boot to the project one it is the first time I’m gonna be seeing this guy so I’m kind of searching we’re here at Mercedes where is it look at this color this is the Mercedes AMG GT Concept car there’s something about concept cars honestly just stunning I think we see it we see a woman oh my god first time I seen the project one you’re stepping across the water let me take you around so as you can see this is actually painted on Miss that’s not a real and look great what’s special about this power core let’s start there and if the one and mas it’s got four electric engine so you get about 700 horsepower Quentin and then with the poor electric engine to get up to practicality is a direct heir in streets all right new er look inside this is the project one the interior this is not the final version of course but they’re still working on all the little tidbits to perfect the interior but it is luxurious as you can see it’s not a completely stripped down version for the track this is actually made to drive and it will be comfortable you’ve got a couple of floating screens here beautiful in design there we are the inside of the project one the design is actually inspired by an f1 car alright stepped over the magic barrier again back into the real world just incredible to be able to get up close to such an incredible table wow I mean these guys are really pushing boundaries of the show this year we’ve got the Valkyrie we’ve got the project1 we’ve got the devil 16 everything here is just I’m in Happyland I’m here now a VW I’ve got something awesome to show you now the reason why I’m stoked let’s start at the door showing when you all come from the car it recognized so the screen turns on you’ve got these screens in front of you can actually select your profile and select the different colors for the outside here these colors small change now something else cool is this you may notice that it didn’t have any side mirrors there’s the side mirror in here that’s actually a camera that shows you exactly what is happening beside the car hey watch this so if your passengers super annoying just press the button and then they have to go talk to the people in the back how cool is that now it’s facing the other way this is how you close the door no I want to take you around to the I love this kind of tech cymbal is gonna come up about this the moment is actually other people can like the post he coming to give you mail he can actually open up with his smartphone and put the mail like the milkman like is he still get no to live if there’s one get Bowling Club and there so they could put something in your car gotta watch out the body concept cop this new tech in the future let me know we think Oh so this is too big to be valid in the world so what they’ve done is they’ve integrated this part as so this as part of the hood recipe things I couldn’t make if you don’t release a whole we feel here at the now the moment so this is going to come onto the market as of August next year so 20 the actual production promises maybe Oh No where’s the secret compartment in this one yeah yeah yeah there you go same city Oh got it now I just want to feel what seven carbon fiber here on the wheel here on the dash or carbon fiber this has the performance kits but they’re saying this a carbon fiber does actually come standard this rear wing here the spoiler actually is part of the performance package the one that you get that standard sits just a little bit lower there we are on to the next we’re now at bravas and I just spotted the most amazing interior I know you guys saw me driving around a bravas in with a red interior I’ve just seen something more beautiful check this out Wow how amazing is that come on oh my goodness this is to die for what do you think there are obviously a few different things that bravas does one of them is the interior lots of different extras you can get full body kit you’ve got to come check this out one of 10 they’re fully rebuilt this engine water-based in a candy store tell you what day five that’s it that’s the end of the divine Motor Show award for edible cars we have seen and not leaving you without this candy what do you even use these colorful just brilliant country someone stares like a doughnut and they go why not all right guys much much love thank you so so much for watching another vlog and we’ll see you around Dubai for something crazy please like and subscribe

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