The Indian Sports Car You’ve Never Heard Of | DC Avanti

The Indian Sports Car You’ve Never Heard Of | DC Avanti


This is the DC Avanti, an Indian manufactured sports car that looks like a supercar. Only 315 were ever made at an approx price tag of US$50,000. I’m taking to the streets of Mumbai with Rachit the Host of .Owner – @brokerdalalRachit – @rachit.hirani @motoroctane – Follow me on:Music by:Animality – Christian DavisKolkatta Cold Cut – Brent BourgeoisTime and Place – Johnny HwinFueled By Vice – Global Genius

all right so yes and what’s up guys supercar blondie here in Mumbai India to yell over all of the noise I am here with an Indian main sports car it’s called the DC of our team while it looks like a supercar it doesn’t have the kind of power of a supercar what they’ve tried to do is a boutique maker here in India basically who’s made around 100 I mean I’ve kind of been trying to suss this number how no one knows exactly how many have been made and sold most of these people have never seen this car before which is really cool so we’re gonna get some reactions here of people what they think of this car you guys a promoter obtained go check out his channel the link is down here in the description and you are going to show me around your street today yes this is my city this is my road Wow they will show you around okay let’s do it we’re out of you should you move yeah let’s go alright so it’s not about manual I’m just getting used to this sorry okay ole don’t stole it no no yeah I’ll give you guys for a living sorry what would you rather be driving this ceramic sure haha that’s a difficulty I would prefer I’ve never done it exception e no no I didn’t get an opportunity yet and let song Blanc move it doesn’t do anything by honking no so what’s the point of it you have to go hard on it you’re like lemon people listen I’m nervous to me not second or D oh that’s oh that’s the police what is this oh you just want do I need to honk the police why are you honking noise so don’t run red lights sometimes all the times to do join budgets record of stalling the pot car which is eight times so we need to see whether I can feed them how is it driving yeah I mean it’s it’s it’s like a normal car but it looks awesome so it’s you apparently on the bridge that we just crossed you not allowed to film change they see average they’re all debating at the moment what they should do with you why don’t always get in trouble but everyone thought there this car is a little bit like a Kinder Surprise you know when you get a Kinder Surprise and you’re super excited about what’s on the inside and he open it up and you’re expecting your most favorite toy and it’s not that one I know that might sound Amin but I say it in the nicest way possible because this car looks so amazing on the outside you kind of expected to have the same power as a supercar right but then you get in it has a 2-liter engine at four-cylinder it has a turbo so it does go I mean it’s not to scoff at you know that is still quite a lot of power when it comes to like the average runabout car right is this a sports car but when it looks this incredible you kind of open it up and there’s not what you expect inside let’s just say okay guys so what happened was we weren’t recording and I had for my first store and the first one I think I was in third um so I’m first now but watch it watch it got really excited like I know my only stole not on camera she’s broken the rule in one from the left side for taking everyone oh can you see that yeah no do you really no no you do but I mean there’s no I thought you could do anything yeah you can I was going by Indian rules yeah but you can not go about it that’s it you can’t go what above 80 oh okay so I get ugly I can undertake and I can overtake you do all that definitely boats gonna meet me right okay I hope you like that video that was so so much fun I love India so far click that subscribe button give this video click thumbs up thank you very much for watching and a big thank you to sponges yes thanks a lot our channel article video technically a pata chala yoga I’m hoping sorry Indian audiences do subscribe to her thank you very good person at heart and a good driver go check out his channel motor octane and we’re gonna see you guys again at some point in India Daniel Chu clear thank you very much what love you anywhere

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