The interior of the electric SUV BMW iNext declassified “live” photo

The interior of the electric SUV BMW iNext declassified “live” photo

A disguised prototype of the environmentally friendly Bavarian SUV was spotted on the Transporter that gave photospin a great opportunity to make some detailed pictures of the inside and the outside of the machine.

The automaker already began to publish the first information about their new product. So, the other day we wrote about the unusual steering wheel and a massive curved display BMW iNext. But this new set of spy shots reveals more information about the dashboard design, which still used a smaller cluster of the current BMW models, not a serial item.

The production version of the BMW iNext, which, according to rumors, will be called iX5, is a battery-electric crossover with dimensions similar to the X5. The actual X5 parked right over the disguised test car is obviously very useful for comparison with the size of iNext.

INext 2021 will use the latest BMW flexible architecture on which to build as electric cars and hybrid cars. Thanks to the electric motor novelties will be located in the rear, and the battery under the cabin floor.

As for technical details, the BMW is pretty secretive, but she promises a power reserve of more than 600 km when fully charged, as well as the technology of Autonomous driving of 3rd level. In the production version of the iNext will also include new advanced connectivity features impressive curved digital display.

As the electric SUV of this size – the flagship technology of the BMW – it’s safe to expect great performance. INext concept was capable of accelerating to 100 km/h in about 4 seconds. BMW also announced that after the launch of iNext will be the mule of the company to develop technologies for Autonomous driving of 4 and 5 level.

You like the wheel “ay-next”?